Fast-Track to Success for Silver Tray

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Silver-Tray is a brand-new travel company with a mission: make it easier for travellers to book European rail vacations.

Silver-Tray is a brand-new travel company with a mission: make it easier for travelers to book European rail vacations.

The usual method of organising trains, hotels, transfers, and activities can be incredibly hard work, so Silver-Tray created a new website where people could create a personalised itinerary in just a few simple clicks.

It’s a great idea, but in order to spread the word, Crowd was briefed to create Facebook videos to drive traffic to the website. Our approach included an A-B split to test two different creative propositions.

Within just 3 weeks of launching, and no established customer base, the campaign has produced over 33,000 link clicks, over 750,000 views, a reach of 1.2 million, and over 2 million impressions. The ads also enjoyed great engagement with commentators tagging in friends to share the video content. And with dwell time on the website lasting over 2 minutes, this further proved the creative was attracting the right target audience.

Results were measured through a thorough reporting strategy using custom Google Analytics events to track key activities. With the use of a carefully planned UTM format, we were able to judge the success of our campaigns and accurately record the activity of visitors once on site.

And although our campaign has only just begun, the journey looks set to be incredibly exciting.

Check out the SILVER TRAY WEBSITE HERE. Or follow them on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for new routes and city destinations.