Five Most Common Digital Marketing Myths

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We explored some of the most common digital marketing myths and what you should and shouldn’t do when creating and implementing your own digital marketing strategy.

As the marketing industry grows, digital takes up more and more space and is fast becoming the go-to solution for many small business owners. The sheer number of platforms, services and strategies can be baffling for many business owners and many approach it with the wrong attitude. It is no wonder that many myths surround digital marketing that may put off some business owners or up-and-coming marketing managers. In this article, we will shed light on some of the most common digital marketing myths and see what is behind them.

Digital Marketing Provides Fast Results

Well, for the most part, digital marketing strategies do provide fast results. However, similar to all marketing efforts, digital strategies need time to be conceived, tested, analyzed and implemented. It is possible to get fast results, for example, to grow your Facebook page followers by a certain number in a few weeks, but it all depends on your goals and type of product or service you offer. If you know this, and you have analyzed your audience to target their specific needs and understand what messages to communicate to them, it can seem a lot faster to implement some strategies or ideas. But don’t forget, everything that seems fast actually takes a lot of time and effort to prepare.

I Don’t Need to Invest a Lot Because It’s Cheap

Similar to myth no. 1, digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to invest. Usually, when referred to as cheap, digital marketing is looked at through the lenses of click costs, posts boosted or similar tactics. Although it is true that most of these costs can be low, the costs of preparing the strategy, creative development, testing, and optimization are often overlooked. What is completely true is that you can achieve greater control of your spending than on most other channels. With constant testing and optimization, you can reduce your costs and get better results.

I Already Did (Insert Strategy Here) and It Did/Didn’t Work for Me

I sent out some emails but had no responses. I boost my posts but nobody buys. I paid X amount of money for a website and it doesn’t work. I developed a full strategy with multiple channels, tracked, optimized, and it failed. I only do Facebook ads because they are the best, or I only post content on Thursdays because I get great engagement. Any of this sound familiar? While many of these statements can be true, one thing is for sure: the digital marketing landscape changes quickly and strategies that did or didn’t work before may give different results when tried again. Maybe the timing wasn’t good, maybe your brand was not strong enough back then or the technology might have changed. We firmly believe that things should be tried, tested and analyzed constantly to find the balance and optimal strategies that give those sweet results you want.

My Competition or Industry Is Not Online

Sure about that? Maybe some of them don’t have a website. Maybe they don’t have a Facebook page or an Instagram profile. Maybe they don’t implement email marketing strategies. Maybe you can’t find them on Google. But they are surely not offline. It may seem so that your niche or target is just too narrow and unique, but almost all businesses have some form of online presence and that alone is the first step in building your digital marketing strategy.

There Is Just Too Much to Keep up With

There is, for sure. But you don’t have to battle with trends, platforms, technology, strategies or apps. The key point of highly successful digital marketing efforts is to be focused. Choose things that work for you and your ideal clients. Analyze them, see what works and what should be tweaked. Strategies, platforms, and tactics come and go and the pursuit of results will never end. But, if you know your brand inside and out, it will be easier to track all the changes in the technological and marketing landscape.

And there you have it. We’ve busted the most common myths. Digital marketing is a vast, deep and interesting field. It can be misunderstood from time to time, but only because it is still young as a discipline. Who knows what lies beyond, as technology and business keep evolving. The future will be interesting and we’re happy to join you on the journey.