Four Pieces of Advice To Find New B2B Leads

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You need to take time and put in work in personalizing every approach when you’re trying to satisfy the needs of the companies you’re looking to work with.

Anyone who works or has worked in the B2B sector will let you know that, to achieve great results, you need to take the time and put in work in personalizing every approach when you’re trying to satisfy the needs of the companies you’re looking to work with. This is a point that stands regardless of whether or not you’re aiming for their pain points or simply bringing up the problems that your service or product can solve.

Here, it is rather important that, besides the tried and true methods of promotion and networking, you follow the trends through which your B2B business can grow. In this article, we offer you four pieces of advice I’ve come across while trying to achieve success in B2B lead generation.

Networking via Social Media – Facebook Groups as Beehives

Generally known and adjusted to be the king of B2C platforms, Facebook has taken over a rather large portion of the marketing world with their detailed targeting when running campaigns. However, the B2B potential of Facebook is nested in the Groups feature which has been available since 2010.

Looking at a group as a beehive, being active is imperative in order to become recognized by the other members, which raises your credibility among them. Through networking and creating long-term relationships with other “bees”, you’re creating opportunities that might open over a longer period of time.

Provide value to others, create relevant content, follow and use trends in order to help others and you’ll be on the road to networking success.

Regular Guest Posting on Other Blogs and Portals

With a huge number of blogs and web portals out there, opportunities to stay relevant across different spheres in business. Use the opportunities you find for partnerships, collaborations or guest posting in order to get your brand and company message out much more easily through an already developed channel.

Your brand needs to reach the level of popularity where it carries some weight on its own and being present on multiple communication channels gives you a boost towards that level.

Growth is ALWAYS Based On Feedback

Feedback controls the future of your company. Your clients’ testimonials are always going to have a stronger social impact than the messages your company or brand puts out. Unless you’re already doing so, ask your client for feedback and testimonials which you can display on platforms that are relevant to you.

Google and LinkedIn Are Your Friends – Paid Ads Are an Investment, Not an Expense

As the main B2B channels for promotion and marketing, paid ads on Google and LinkedIn are the key tools in lead generation of any B2B company. The nature of these platforms set them apart from all others. For every search about the field or industry your company deals in, to have your brand’s name or message pop up at the top could bring in a lot of cold leads which might turn into warm ones with a few simple clicks that lead them to your website.

Of course, it’s important to note that not every post, ad or boosted content has to be a call to action or an offer to sell something.

You need to build rapport with your targeted audience, and smothering them with what you’re offering special discounts on isn’t going to cut it.