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TDA is a focused platform and our purpose is to connect digital agencies with businesses in need of digital services around the world. To create your agency profile, simply click Join and fill out the form. Once our editorial team approves it, your profile will be published.


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2. Enter Your Information

When we approve your profile, you can log in at any time. Once you do, you will have to enter relevant information about your agency, such as your agency size, expertise, clients, and awards. Anyone looking to hire your agency will pay a lot of attention to this data, which is why it should represent you accurately.

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3. Post Content

The next step is to add articles and case studies. Simply access your dashboard and publish desired content from there. Once our editorial team reviews it, your articles and case studies will be public. Articles are a tool for you to show how well you understand a particular subject, and how much interest you have in it. Case studies are content pieces which give potential clients the confidence that you can deliver, since you give examples of your past successful work.

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4. Become a TDA Member

Purchase our membership to get the most value from your content. Seize great promotional opportunities, boost the reach and impact of your content, and ultimately expand your business by attracting new global clients on TDA.

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