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Google Adds Review Snippets Reports to Search Console

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Google is also sending email notifications of review snippet problems through Google search console.

A review snippet is a rating from a site or a short excerpt of review, an average of the combined rating scores from many reviewers. This is used by thousands of sites for many types of content like events, movies, products, books, and more. This is one of the most used types of structured data on the web.

Google has introduced new reports and tools for review snippets in Google discover and Google search within Google search console. If you have reviews on your local panels oy snippets so these tools and reports will help webmasters to find the issues, monitor performance and then solve these issues. Google is also sending email notifications of review snippet problems through Google search console. Also, there is the latest support for review snippets on the results testing tool to review your existing URLs or correct your markup code before going it to production. You will only see filters and options of review snippet if Google find reviews on your pages.

Performance Report

Recent performance report shows by using the new review snippet search appearance filter you can monitor the impressions, CTRs, and clicks. It means that you can check the CTR results, filters and impression of your review snippets pages and monitor their performance to understand how they are trending for available dimensions by elements like page, query, country, and device to look from where your review snippets traffic is coming from.

Enhancement Report

This report will show you your snippets and provide you with different tricks on how to enhance review markup and problems with your code. This enhancement report will show you mistakes, caution and valid pages for review markup implemented on your website. Also, you can fix an issue, you can use the report to prove it, which will activate a process where Google recrawls your affected pages. Google said, all the content types are covered by report which is presently supported as review snippets.

Rich Results Test

For review snippets, Google has included support in the rich results testing tool. Google said, after adding Review snippets structured data to your pages you can correct your markup code and fix any errors using the Rich results test tool. Reviews are famous and perform well because they can give useful information for a product or service in the search. With the help of his tool, you can submit a URL of a page or examine a code snippet. The test displays any recommendations and problems for your structured data. Currently, Google restricts a rule on rich review results to admonish wrong or confusing entries. Large quantity of sites carry reviews and these new reports will make it easier performance rate and problems.

Email Notification

Google is sending notifications via Google search console of problems with review snippets. This is good news as reviews are one of the senior markups provided by Google and now Google Search Console supports them onward.

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