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Restaurant apps like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats are generated billions of revenue from own mobile application. So why don’t you build your mobile application?

The picture of getting the door in your pajamas and grabbing the pizza home delivery with a Coke is not unusual. In fact, that’s what has become the new normal for the majority of people working from home or at their own convenience. Because that’s how we like to do it. Gone are the days when you waited outside a restaurant with your friends or family members while the tables were still packed with people. You would rather have your favorite Netflix show on the TV, with your loved ones around for a get-together and get food at home!

This is why, if you own a restaurant business, you should not just think but invest in having a food mobile application for your services. Because it’s better to have home delivery sales than keeping people waiting outside your restaurant furious for those bad reviews. With the world going into the Digital Revolution, there are projections that if the restaurants don’t have a mobile app for food delivery by 2020, they are likely to lose 70% of their customer base. So when the stakes are high, you should venture into having a food delivery app for your business to get an edge over your competitors. This is where Global Vincitore comes into the picture. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies based in North Carolina and catering to the requirements of clients worldwide to help them grow their business.

What should you keep in mind before having a mobile application for your business?

Before you go ahead with developing a food delivery app, you should know why you are doing it to serve your customers in a better way. Hence the features that you decide to have for mobile app development have to be tailored for your customers. You must also decide whether you want to go for native mobile app development or cross-platform. This can be done by getting an idea of the budget that you are planning to allot. Also, whether you’ll be hiring a freelancer for mobile app development or a mobile application development company like us that provide full-fledged mobile app development services. Summarising;

  1. Target Audience
  2. Type of mobile app – Native or Cross-platform
  3. Budget for app
  4. Hiring Freelancer or a Company

Must-Have Features for a Food Delivery App

You must understand your audience thoroughly before starting the app development process. People who do not want to spend time waiting for tables, people who love to eat food from the comfort of their homes, people who are too busy to drive to restaurants and order, these are the target audience and so the app must be such that it makes ordering simple, payments safe and searching dishes easy. With years of experience in providing top-notch Android and iOS apps to many businesses, we know these factors too well and that’s why we are amongst the top app developers in the USA.

We have curated a list of features that your app must have, you can check this list below:

Restaurant Listing

It is the first and foremost feature that your app should have. A list of restaurants in a particular region and the menu along with prices and photos. The overall design of the app should be kept minimal and easy to navigate. The UX/UI must increase the aesthetic value of the app and provide a pleasing experience to its users rather than making it clumsy with a lot of redundant options. If you want app development for your own business, then you don’t need this, but you have to keep your whole menu with pictures for people to place an order.

Most recent order logs/ most preferred food items

Providing an option where the pervious order logs of the customers are saved helps them with an option to do speed ordering. Because there are certain items that the customers will be ordering repetitively. Thus, by providing a quick order for such items keeping a track of their past orders, you can enhance the experience of the users. They are more likely to order from the app again due to improved experience.

Location tracker

People are hungry when they order and once the order is placed, the tendency to crave increases. You can have a GPS tracker embedded inside the app to help the customers track their orders. This also helps restaurants in charging for the delivery as per the distances. You can go a step ahead and keep SMS notification for tracking the order. Alternately you can also enable push notifications to inform customers of their orders.

Scheduled delivery

With this fast-paced world, we are moving towards a scheduled life. Be it cab or email scheduling, going a step ahead, we are now into the food delivery schedule as well. Providing this feature in your food app can help you to serve your customers in their times of need, i.e. when they are too busy to order.

Customer rewards

Customer retention is one of the most critical aspects of any business. That’s why marketers do trial and error with various strategies to keep those customers with their brands. One of the ways of doing this for food apps is by having a reward system in place. Each customer gets points in their app account once they order food and these points can be used the next time they order to get discounts. This not only enables customer retention but also helps in improving the overall customer relationship management. Apart from loyalty points, you can also notify customers about special offers time and again. This ensures that they keep using your app.

Customer feedback

Knowing what the customers think of your services is imperative for improvement. Not only this, but it also helps in knowing their preferences and thus serving them accordingly for their subsequent visits. Customers should be able to provide reviews, ratings and must be able to share their photos and experience of ordering food. This makes them feel that they are a part of your business ecosystem and that their voice matters.

Social media integration

There’s hardly anyone who isn’t on social media platforms. People love to share their food stories and moments on social media. By providing social media integration along with the food delivery app, you are helping your customers with enhanced user experience. This is also an indirect way of marketing your services because social media can make things go viral and this includes your food delivery app too.

High-end customization

People who use your app must feel that this is made just for them! The more they can relate to and get a customized experience, the more likely it is that they will come back to order again. Providing various options that make their work easier is how you can ensure that they keep using the app.

Wrap Up

In these times when people are busy and they rely on apps for most of their daily tasks, it is essential to make your business accessible through mobile apps. Let us know what you wish to provide and we will move our magic wand to cater to you with the best mobile application development services thereby delivering an ace app for your business. Let’s connect to know your requirements better to aid you to climb those success steps!

If you’re unsure where to start or need advice, you can always contact us for expert advice. We are always happy to help!

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