Hireinfluence Challenges Brands To Be More Than Just Another #ad

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Global agency introduces new vision and branding to coincide with Instagram’s recent shift in audience engagement methods.

Global agency introduces a new vision and branding to coincide with Instagram’s recent shift in audience engagement methods.

Houston, TX: HireInfluence, a global full-service influencer marketing agency, has rolled out a brand new look to their website as they debut a fresh perspective on influencer strategies. The site is centered around “designing experiences, not #ads” to communicate the agency’s powerful stance against non-authentic audience engagement and manufactured performance indicators on social posts. This approach will challenge brands to design intent-driven campaigns, that bring bigger focus to the value that audiences derive from influencers.

“With all of the API changes, privacy policy shake-ups and Instagram’s latest news regarding the removal of likes, we knew that it was time to redefine what the industry should be focused on,” says Stephanie Stabulis, VP and Strategy Director at HireInfluence. “The metric that really matters is the value and trust that brands can build for audiences through influencer partnerships. We have to bring the connection between audiences and influencers to the surface and understand how the brand can fit into that connection – and that is where the concept of campaign ‘intent’ was born. We are urging brands to consider influencer strategies and partnerships in ways that help inspire, innovate new ideas, educate, forge discovery, play and collaborate – which ultimately results in the strengthening of relationships and awareness between brands and their consumers.”

Industry-wide FTC regulation requires all influencers to disclose paid partnerships with the brands they are supporting through their digital channels using statements or tags like #ad or #sponsored. While the goal of the FTC regulation was to create transparency in the industry, some influencers and brands view the requirement as a threat to the believability of support for a product.

HireInfluence seeks to help brands view influencer marketing as more than a cash-transaction for support of a brand. Brands can create an opportunity to humanize and connect with their audience through influencers who are knowledge centers, experts and creatives by bringing intent and psychology into the campaign strategy. This allows brands to better understand the audience’s interaction with influencer content and their journey as a brand customer while renewing focus on relevant qualitative data that is known to drive brand growth.

HireInfluence stresses the importance that hand-validation of influencers will have on creating more intentional, effective campaigns. “We have to look beyond imagery to an influencer’s ability to actually ‘influence’ and co-create content that moves their audience and will ultimately deliver end-value. Naturally, this will weed out inauthentic influencers, including those with fake and unengaged followings,” adds Stabulis.

With the recent alliance with key partners, such as To&From, and the development of new tech platforms aimed to make campaign management organized and efficient, HireInfluence continues to lead the industry in its ability to provide brands with best-in-class, white-glove influencer solutions.


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