HireInfluence Continues Growth Into 2021 With a New Look and Updated Services

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HireInfluence, an award-winning influencer marketing agency, recently introduced its aggressive growth plans for 2021.

HireInfluence, an award-winning influencer marketing agency, recently introduced its aggressive growth plans for 2021. The announcement coincided with an updated menu of services and a new look designed to grow their portfolio of enterprise clients.

With offerings that now revolve around longer-term brand partnerships, refined campaign optimization methods, and enhanced analytics, HireInfluence is helping clients reach new heights in order to stand out from a saturated landscape.

Seeking to shift brands to extended partnerships, the agency has started offering more flexible options for recurring and on-demand IGC activations. Through creative consistency and on-going exposure, they have seen great success in strengthening brand reputations with micro-campaigns across a 6 to 12-month duration, as opposed to standard 30-60 day campaigns. This level of partnership can also reduce campaign lead time from 5 or 6 weeks down to just 8 or 10 days.

Expanding beyond the norm of influencer marketing services, they are also offering clients end-to-end solutions globally, including content drafting, design, editing, and production, to ensure every piece of a project remains consistent and in-line with campaign objectives. This added level of fluidity is what separates an average campaign from one that exceeds even the highest of standards.

To quantify project success and scalability while also diminishing the confusion around ROI, HireInfluence has recently brought on a team of data scientists, whose sole focus is to provide real-time, in-depth insights and reporting for brand partners. Leading the agency’s data initiatives is Chief Data Scientist Thomas Pepperz, who injects his knowledge as a machine learning engineer into HireInfluence’s reporting methods: taking it from the traditional, descriptive reporting to state-of-the-art predictive analysis.

“The goal is to leverage the latest advances in machine learning and data analytics to accelerate decision making, redefine the way we build marketing campaigns plus workflows, and transform the way brands court and interact with creators.” – HireInfluence, Chief Data Scientist, Thomas Pepperz.

HireInfluence has always been an advocate of focusing on content quality vs. influencer quantity. Over the past decade, they have gained momentum in the space through their unparalleled talent curation methods that go against the typical practices seen at other agencies and extend far beyond the standard parameters of popular lists and databases.

“We are seeing a lot of automated services these days, and being so hands-on is what sets us apart. By taking the extra steps and approaches that we do, we are able to provide maximum value for our clients – the best possible ROI fueled by premium creator content.” – HireInfluence, Talent Director, Callina Patterson

HireInfluence is redefining what influencer marketing looks like, as they continue to raise the bar for what established brands should expect from their agencies moving forward. Coming off their prestigious recognition for Best Influencer Marketing Agency in 2019 (INFLOW Global Summit), and now ranked as the #1 Content Marketing Agency of 2020 (TDA), they are solidifying their position at the top of this thriving and shapeshifting industry.