Hiring a Software Development Company? Here Are 7 Helpful Tips

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Hiring the right software development company can be a tricky task, especially since there are so many options available. Check it out.

Running a business is nearly impossible without having an online presence. An online presence is now ingrained in the DNA of making and operating a company — with further impetus brought by the global COVID19 pandemic which pushed businesses to establish a digital platform or emphasise it if they didn’t have it already.

With establishing a strong online presence, comes the task of hiring the right software development company for your brand’s needs.

Having a digital presence is a 24*7 job — there’s building the right website, and software development, application development, choosing the right SEO, SMO, and of course, with the right digital marketing fit.

Here’s how you can choose the right offshore development team that will help your brand build the right digital presence.

First, Define what you are Looking for in your Software Development Company

Make a list of the exact requirements that you have from the company that offers software development services, because nobody knows your company better than you. Here are a few questions that you should define.

  • What is your brand motto?
  • What sort of software are you looking for?
  • Who will be your target audience?
  • What is the budget for software design and development?
  • What will be the running cost of the website after it is up?

Think about the Digital Roadmaps

Project planning will help you in the long run. Just as you can’t build your dream home without a blueprint, you can’t design your dream website without a roadmap.

This planning will include defining your target audience, uses of the website or the app with a rough layout.

Now that you are ready with what you want from the digital agency, the next step is finding the right fit. With so many options available in the market, here are things you should nitpick:

Look at the company’s portfolio of work

A look at the company’s work portfolio is the first step. This will help you understand if the company has worked on projects similar to what you are looking for and how many clients they’ve worked with before.

You can also check out the company’s portfolio on websites like Github, Dribble and Behance.

Look at client ratings and reviews

References count, and a great way to look at what clients think of IT companies is through websites like Clutch, which specialise in gathering feedback from IT companies.

What services does the company provide?

A full-scale web development company includes departments such as full-stack development, web application development, and quality assurance.

What specialised services are you looking for?

What technology is the software solutions company using in its process? Are they using any specialised technologies for completing their projects and customising them as per the requirements of their clients? This is important because you can understand if the technologies they use would be capable of building custom software development services as per your requirements.

Especially if your brand is in need of Ruby on Rails development services or Python development services, then you need to figure out if the custom software development company that you are using has Ruby on Rails and Python projects in their portfolio. This will help you understand if it is the right fit.

Ask for a project proposal

Once you have narrowed down on a few companies that you like, you can request the shortlisted ones to send you proposals for the project you have in mind. This will help you understand if the full stack development company can deliver the vision that you have in mind for your brand.

Is the delivery management effective?

One of the great trademarks of a good firm is that they send you milestones and progress reports of your app development cycle. This means that you can look at the app or the software at any stage and make changes at that same point if required.

Access if there’s a security threat

The IT company that you are entrusting your software development app with must follow strict security measures. A leak in the app idea might result in other app copies reaching the customers before you finish.


Hope this comprehensive list helps you understand what checkboxes need to be ticked when you are hiring a top-notch software development company. Hiring a software development company requires you to have a careful look at their portfolio, ratings, and reviews. While cost is a considerable factor to assess a software development company, timely delivery is crucial for marketable products.