How Blank Page Turns Ideas Into Product

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How Blank Page turns ideas into a product? We will answer all your questions regarding the online growth of your business.

Blank Page is a Digital Media Consultancy founded in 2009 and turned to a leading multinational digital provider. Blank Page allows business owners to experience what exposure can digital market give them. Our Company was established to help business owners use the digital market to its full potential, where tools can not only be effectively used but also built from scratch. “I have always been keen to work in the innovative environment and believed that my desire to create will lead to the magnificent results”, – says Blank Page CEO, Eyal Yoseph.

Is there a story behind the name ‘Blank Page’?

Yes, our company slogan says “We Create What Your Business Needs”, and the name Blank Page reflects our capacity to create awareness for any company, create its brand image, brand message and online presence. We are a one-stop solution agency, that’s why we can provide a full range of branding services, starting with logo and strategy to the publishing in media and search optimization.

What is the process of turning an idea into a product?

As we say in our office, creating a digital product is always a magic, because it first starts with emotions. We always work with clients whom we believe we can help. The initial stage takes a bit of time, as not always what the client thinks he needs is what he actually need, often it relates to design and user experience. We like working with clients who are open to the creative approach and are not focused on the prototype of their product. Then goes the strategy building and the actual product creation, which always involve the proven techniques and the innovative approach as well.

What are the main elements of the product’s success?

It’s simple. The success of the digital product lies in understanding the market needs and creating a new experience for the client or improving the existing one. Your business should always stand out among other in the digital market. Most business owners object that their business is not something new to the world and millions of entrepreneurs are selling the same products. However, here is where digital presence matters. If you can excel yourself, you succeed.

Who is our ideal client?

The one who has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve with his project in the next year, five years and ten years, and allows us to implement the creative approach.