How Can an Alcohol Delivery Business Become Evergreen With Technology?

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We’ll be talking about the future of alcohol businesses and the implications of launching an on-demand alcohol delivery service with a mobile app.

Alcohol is the best conversational starter for centuries. From ancient ale to recent martinis, liquor is the one element that makes every person a bit relaxed and opened up to friends. But, social interactions and meetings can’t be happening in present times with the corona threat lurking around.

But, there is a way that people can still socialize with everyone and get their pint of beer or a glass of whiskey while staying safe at home. Online alcohol delivery is a new trend that is taking liquor business sales to a new high.

Alcohol brewing and sales is a multi-billion dollar industry, and now it is going to get even bigger with the latest alcohol delivery app solution. Today we’ll be talking about the future of alcohol businesses and the implications of launching an on-demand alcohol delivery service with a mobile app.

The global quarantine has been bad for the world health-wise as well as economically. Many industries have seen major loss and even permanent shutdowns in 2020. But, some industry verticals have seen a drastic growth in new customers and revenue.

Delivery services are the best example of this. People are staying in their homes and keeping their families and themselves safe from the virus. Various delivery services like grocery, food, alcohol, medication, etc. are making their stay more comfortable.

How Are Alcohol Delivery Apps Changing the Liquor Business Landscape?

Alcohol delivery services have been present for quite some time, but the real boost in using this service came with the global lockdown this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced billions of people to stay in their homes, maintaining social distancing and not meeting friends.

This necessary lockdown has made people more prone to enjoy their lives within their home. So, people are cooking delicious food, trying out new hobbies, and drinking at home while socializing online. This new lifestyle has significantly and positively impacted the online wine selling business model.

Nielsen’s report states that the off-premise sales of every kind of alcohol in the US have surged by an average of 35% from last year. According to another report, liquor delivery apps have witnessed an increase in sales of 300% to 500 % compared to last year.

What Are the Benefits of Alcohol Delivery App?

Getting your alcohol delivered to you at your home itself feels like the biggest benefit, but trust me there’s a lot more. There are several benefits of launching an online alcohol delivery app, some for the app users while some for the alcohol business.

Benefits of Alcohol Delivery Apps for Customers

  • Get your liquor delivered to you at home
  • Get a vast array of choices in alcohol brands and categories
  • Time saved by app instead of store shopping
  • Hassle-free liquor shopping online
  • Several convenient payment options for users
  • Easy tracking & managing of liquor budget
  • Access to order status and delivery tracking
  • Get special offers & discounts via the app

Benefits of Alcohol Delivery Apps for Alcohol Businesses

  • Increase revenue with this new channel
  • Get brand awareness & visibility for your business
  • Improved business sales and efficiency
  • Time savings and hassle-free service
  • Increased awareness of consumer behavior
  • Targeted marketing through social media

How To Build Your Own Alcohol Delivery App

After reading all of these facts and observing the potential of this marvelous trend of delivery apps, you must be curious to learn how to start an alcohol delivery service with an app of your own. Let’s talk business.

The delivery service business model primarily relies on the mobile application. So, you need to find and assemble a team of highly knowledgeable developers with hands-on experience in developing such an app.

Here are the steps to develop an alcohol delivery app:

  1. Building a Wireframing
  2. Drawing Out a Prototype
  3. Designing the App Visuals
  4. Developing the App
  5. Testing the App for Bugs
  6. Deploying the Final App

There also some important non-technical factors you need to consider while developing your alcohol delivery service app. Factors like the business as well as the app’s scalability, revenue models that you decide for your business, etc.

If you find the best app development company, then they can help you in creating the best business app as well as your foolproof business strategy. Some points to keep in mind while developing your alcohol delivery app are creating a friendly interface, simpler app navigation, advanced dashboard for admin and alcohol stores, etc.

Most Important Alcohol Delivery App Features

An app is only as good as the features that it entails. You’ve already learned how this app-based delivery model is helping the industry boost its reach and the benefits of this approach. Now it’s time to learn about the most important app features that you must have in your alcohol delivery service app.

Customer App Features

  • Login
  • Liquor Listing
  • Apply Filters
  • Place Order
  • Track Order
  • Cashless Payment
  • Order History
  • Product Review & Feedback

Store App Features

  • Login
  • Manage Drink Categories
  • Mange Drinks & Snacks
  • Manage Prices
  • View Ratings & Reviews
  • Manage Earnings

Admin App Features

  • Admin Login
  • Manage Payments
  • Order Management
  • Settings
  • Marketing Management
  • Real-Time Analytics

Develop Your Own Alcohol Delivery Service App

There are different ways that you can develop your own alcohol delivery service. You can go with the build from scratch approach or go with a clone solution. Both options have their own pros and cons.

If you choose the custom, build from scratch app development approach, it will take you probably a year or more to develop a fully-functional alcohol delivery mobile app and cost a small fortune in doing so. But if you go with a ready-to-launch alcohol delivery app clone solution, then the same app will be ready to launch in the market within a week.

We are in 2020, and it’s the perfect time for app development. At present, the quality of clone solutions is quite similar to custom app development. So, you can go with the more cost-effective and quick to market clone solution and also get the best quality.