How Can Beverage and Food Brands Grow Their Customer Base Using Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is great for beverage and food brands enabling a wider reach and prospective audiences.

Influencer marketing is an effective and trendy tactic that slowly becoming an integral part of many businesses marketing strategies. The fun part is it is not new at all, but an alternate and adaptive approach to the age-old way of celebrity endorsements, just fitted with certain adjustments and upgrades. This evolved medium is great for beverage and food brands, enabling a wider reach and prospective audiences at a much lesser price than traditional celebrity advertisements.

Influencer marketing can be very complex and has a lot of factors to consider, to make it effective for the business. An influencer marketing agency has the much-needed expertise and knowledge to strategize and execute it towards maximum gains and benefits. You may find a lot of conflicting advice in this aspect, however, most of it is not relevant to the food and beverage industry. Influencer marketing brings your brand, product, or services to prospective customers in new ways.

In this article, we will discuss the ways a food and beverage brand can increase its customer base using influencer marketing.

Customer Increasing Strategy Can Be Strengthened

The invention of totally innovative ways to communicate with customers is not required by influencer marketing, to be effective. It can magnify your success by augmenting and combining your existing strategies. At the same time, not every tactic for customer acquisition is suited to influencer marketing. Here are some of the well-suited strategies to use in influencer marketing for the beverage and food industry.


Giveaways and contests are very successful in attracting attention to your brand. Customers will be very excited about the chances of winning, especially if it’s a product or service they need or desire. The news of these contests will make prospective customers follow your social media accounts and join your email marketing list. Using an influencer campaign for a giveaway can instantly increase your brand’s reach.

When planned properly, this can act as a double-edged sword and grow the followers for both the brand and the influencer. For this type of collaboration to be effective, you would want to choose an influencer whose audience is a part of your target audience but probably has had no interactions with your brand. This approach ensures your exposure to a much greater audience than you would have if the contest would have been run independently.

An effectively planned giveaway or contest must have clear instructions for entry, and also clear and shared criteria for winning it. You must need to offer something valuable as a winning prize to initiate interest. Offering something huge won’t be a good idea. It would be comparatively better to increase interest and get more entries and appropriate return on investment (ROI).

Your Affiliate Marketing Can Get a Level Up


Using specific hashtags as per the campaign can help your customer base to grow. The tags can contain your brand name, a branded tag, a slogan for the campaign, or a phrase with the relevance to resonate with your target customers.

As you start the campaign, draw up a campaign-specific #hashtag as a tag to be used consistently with all posts, and inform the influencer about it. You can also cook up a batch of hashtags and mix them up for each line of posts, every now and then. This will also help you understand which ones are the most successful for your brand.

Finding out a winning combination of tags can let you explore and reach beyond the audience of your influencer. Using a variety of tags with various levels of popularity will increase the chances of featuring on popular pages who talk about good food and beverages.

Reviews Generated by Influencers

Only social media posts are not the boundary of influencer marketing. Reviews by users and consumers are equally important for brand growth. People will make more purchases if they see positive reviews on a brand, product, or service than no reviews or worse negative ones.

Ask the influencers for honest feedback about your brand, products, or services. True, testimonials look great on your website, but there are other ways as well to share the opinions of customers. Reviews through videos are very popular. Generating genuine and positive feedback about your products or services can help you grow your customer base.

You may need to provide an influencer with a free product as a sample for reviewing. However, to remain compliant with FTC regulations, you need to make sure that the influencer discloses in their review that the brand has provided a free product.

Improve Your SEO

When launching an influencer marketing campaign, you use their audience to increase your customer base. Also, improving the website’s search engine optimization can increase your customer base. Increasing the organic traffic to your official website is invaluable. Here are some ways influencers can improve your brand’s SEO.

More Shares on Social Media

A powerful social media presence is a huge asset. Trusted sites are ranked higher in search results when searched through engines. While using influencer marketing, you create a strong social following. To search engines, this signifies quality and results in higher rankings. Shares on social media can also improve your search results than other SEO tactics. Brands that have viral web content often notice a significant rise in their search results and rankings after the post goes viral.

Better Backlinks

Quality backlinks can be a crucial factor in the SEO of your website. Though getting backlinks is a time-consuming task, if you leverage influencer marketing well enough, you can create those backlinks and improve your website’s rankings and authority. Every collaboration will create a new link for your official website, and your SEO will benefit even though these are no-follow links.

More Content That Is Brand-Related

A high-quality influencer marketing partnership generates new content to represent your brand, and every piece of content has an opportunity to rank on search pages. With enough collaborations, your brand can have all the results for a search, increasing ability to reach newer customers. Try working with influencers to make fresh recipes or ways to use your products, by making videos. Trends indicate videos are to make more than 80% of online traffic by 2022. And to just think about it, Google lists videos at the top of search results.

These were just some ways and means to increase your fan base being a food and beverage brand with help from influencer marketing. Hiring an influencer marketing agency can help you execute these, and a lot more, effectively by utilizing their expertise. Your food and beverage brand can benefit from an increased customer base, resulting in more popularity and business.