How Can E-Commerce Mobile App Increase Sales

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Don’t wait for your customer to visit your webshop; marketing starts before your customer visits your webshop.

There is no need for big into, let’s get to these great ideas on how to increase your sales with a mobile app:

Keep Track of E-Commerce Trends in 2019 and Be Ahead of the Competition

E-commerce trends are changing, and it is essential to always be in the process with them. Some of the top E-commerce trends in 2019 are Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual reality.

Also, you can improve your webshop by one-click purchase. The webshop creation is demanding for developers, so it is a one-click purchasing solution. That’s the way how you can skip the usual “Cart” step, and the user can buy the desired product in just a few seconds.

Improve Your Branding Strategy with Mobile App

Users love interactive, informative, attractive and technically smooth applications. But first of all – functional. Remember that quantity doesn’t mean quality as well, so keep in mind that all functionalities need to work. With quality features, your user will be happy and satisfied with the application, and you will be able to see how your brand grows.

The Mobile App Can Solve Customer’s Problems Before They Ask

Customers can find out about availability, pricing, or delivery time without asking you directly – thanks to your mobile app.

You need to have all of the information listed on the site because if users come to your site and can’t find the necessary information they are interested in, they won’t trust your brand.

Also, include as much detail as features and product specifications to anticipate all consumer issues.

Push Notifications Can Help You Return the User

Push notifications are used to alert your users about news from your business. That means that you can send them new offers or catalog, special discounts, promotions for loyal customers.

More and more companies prefer this way of communicating with customers, so it’s essential to personalize the content before sending, which you can go through previous research on the habits of individual consumers.

The Factory team has been working on improving the Android and iOS mobile app for the growing iconic fashion shop – Thouqi. In this application, our developers enabled push notifications that proved to be excellent for interaction with customers.

But the challenge was when we had to design a solution for users who previously turned OFF push notifications. There are many ways on how to return e-commerce mobile visitors and here is our solution on how we collected back our lost users.

After shorter thinking, we realized that we need to show users how much money they can save while using push notifications and how much great coupons and discounts they missed because of disabled push notifications.

Our solution was to create a special widget on the home screen that will appear every few weeks to users who have disabled the notifications. Right below this special widget, we created a button for enabling push notifications so the user can easily turn ON all push notifications.

Reward the Loyalty of Your Faithful Customers!

Customers want to know that you care about them and that you think about their needs, especially those who are frequently buying your products. And truly, if someone often spends money on your product, shouldn’t you reward their loyalty?

To attract new customers, it’s necessary to devise a good marketing campaign and allocate money for it, but bring back those customers who stop using your products because they lost their trust in you is very, very difficult.

That’s why there are loyalty programs and many loyalty examples can help you boost your business.

Through them, your customers can earn points after each purchase of your products and make discounts on future purchases. We encourage you to personalize your loyalty programs. You can do this by sending them personalized wishes for birthdays or holidays and sending personalized offers depending on their preferences.

We’ve put the reward system into the Sheeel mobile app. The application has coupons for a large number of products in the Sheeel store, and the use of coupons is time-limited.

Enable Multiple Payments for the Faster Purchase

According to the Baymard Institute, if your e-commerce mobile app has multiple payment options, it can reduce cart abandonment by 8%.

When a customer finds the desired product and decides to buy it, he wants to do it as quickly as possible. When it comes to a ‘payment’ section, the buyer wants a multiple choice because he will sometimes pay for cash, sometimes credit cards, and more recently for crypt valued.

We’ve enabled multiple online payments in the mobile app for the largest Kuwait webshop – Taw9eel. Customers can pay with Knet, Visa, Mastercard or cash.

Reach a Large Number of Potential Customers Through the Newsletter

You already have e-mail addresses of your users, but you don’t use them? Why?

 By sending a newsletter, you can frequently inform your customers about current offers, future discounts, benefits, updates, and events.

Make sure that your Newsletter content is personalized and take a chance for reaching a large number of potential customers.

Still Not Sure How to Do All of This?

We think that you don’t have any significant doubts about whether your business is mobile, but still, you are not sure how to build it, how much time and money it takes, what feature should it have?

We encourage you to consider what your main advantages are and what you want to emphasize, ask yourself why people should use your mobile app and what will be better than the competition. Determine your budget and develop it.

If you are thinking about building a mobile app, don’t worry, we are an award-winning company which can provide you with Android development and iOS development.

If your business has only the website, you can check on 4 easy steps, should you think about a mobile app:

  1. Open your Google Analytics report
  2. Go to Audience
  3. Choose Mobile
  4. Go to Overview

There you will see the desktop, mobile and tablet users percent.

If you’re still not sure, check 4 reasons why your retail business needs a mobile app. We are an enthusiastic team in love with native apps.

The best proof is our Android and iOS development for the bestselling newspaper in BiH. had a hybrid mobile app which was slow, unstable and users complained of poor user experience. Reviews at Google Play and App Store became worse and worse. So we created a native mobile app and the number of downloads on Android increased by 7% compared to the hybrid version, and by 11% on iOS devices in just two months.

If there is something we missed in this article, please let us know. Until then, we hope we gave you some idea(s) on how to increase your sales!

Happy planning and working guys!