How Can Microsoft Dynamic 365 Help Business with More Sales?

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We at Concetto Labs have an in-house team of Microsoft Dynamic 365 developers who are highly experienced and qualified.

Microsoft is the most acknowledged operating systems across the world. It hit the list of preferred operating systems among business industries as it offers intuitive user-interface and upgrades with great ease. A few years back, with the evolution of technology, Microsoft introduced Office 365 to give more flexibility to business admins as they are the core employees who manage and protect the business data.

This platform comes with a set of admin roles that you can assign to users in your organizations as each admin role map out common business functions. In this way, you can permit employees in your organization to do specific tasks in the Microsoft 365 admin. For assigning the administrator role, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the admin center option and visit the Active users’ page.
  2. Once you land on Active user page, choose the user whose role you want to change the look for flyout plane, besides roles option, choose edit.
  3. Select customized administrator to see a list of roles that Microsoft have customized for you.

Introduction of PowerApps in Office 365

In today’s high tech world, everyone seeks mobility, for which cloud came into existence. Business entrepreneurs who are always on the go loved this platform to store their sensitive data with the easy accessibility from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection and you can view all the data on your tablet or smartphone. However, there’s always a difference between the PC interface and tablets so to resolve this problem, Microsoft introduced no-code development service- PowerApps!

From the user viewpoint, Office 365 PowerApps Development can be considered as a new way of viewing your data on tablets or smartphones with mid-sized screens. More so, now anyone can become Office 365 PowerApps developer as it enables the users to create applications for both desktop and mobile devices without much coding knowledge. PowerApps gives you the ability to build an application from scratch. Besides these, PowerApps also has a number of sample applications inbuilt, you can utilize them at the initial stage for creating an app or for learning how PowerApps actually works.

“Recently, Forrester recognized Microsoft PowerApps as a leader in the low-code development platforms in 2019, rating it strongly on strategy. Today the demand for low code development platforms is increasing. As per the report by Forrester, in 2018, 23% of businesses are using low-code development platform PowerApps and 22% are planning to do so.”

Talking about large-scale organizations that have multiple apps requirements is introducing PowerApps for complex and big project deployments. As the all-new o365 PowerApps offer enterprise-grade security and built-in governance enable viral and rapid adoption without compromising on security or compliance.

How Are PowerApps Different from Other Platforms in the Market? How It Helps in Generating More Sales?

  • Creates and deliver apps for web and mobile without much coding offering pixel-perfect control over great UX along with strong integration of forms and processes.
  • You will also find Common Data Service- an enterprise-grade data platform built in PowerApps offers security models, rich business logic and development extensibility
  • It seamlessly connects to 220+ data sources across Microsoft and many third-party platforms
  • Customized o365 PowerApps development provides you with a single platform stretching business apps, standalone apps and productivity apps
  • And with Azure cloud services you amplify your productivity
  • Develop rich web applications without compromising quality, control or security as you can take the leverage of enterprise-grade admin and governance features.

Some of the Leading Brands That Are Using PowerApps with Office 365:

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers
  • American Red-cross
  • French National Railways

Are You Planning To Integrate Your PowerApps With Office 365?

If yes, then here’s a guideline that can help you understand how you can proceed with this integration:

Using PowerApps with Office 365 extend users capabilities and customize their office experience dynamically. You can create Canvas applications using the data of Office 365, which has the ability to utilize data outside Office 365 by easily connecting to common services that include Facebook, and a lot more.

Functionalities of PowerApps for Office 365:

  • Create, run and share apps: Yes
  • Run Canvas apps in the context of Office 365: Yes
  • Connect to office 365 data: Yes
  • Connect to cloud services using standard connectors: Yes
  • Run apps in a browser or PowerApps for iOS and Android: Yes
  • Flow runs per user/month: 2000
  • Support for data policies established by the Office 365 administrator: Yes

PowerApps Standalone Plans

PowerApps are available with two standalone plans that include PowerApp Plan 1 and PowerApp Plan 2. These standalone enables users to create and run apps across data source that extends beyond Office 365 such as Salesforce, custom data sources, and on-premises.

PowerApps for Office Enterprise F1

In this users can run apps and automate workflows without any hassle. Below tablet highlights the particulars about what the users can do with PowerApps for Office 365 Enterprise F1:

Functionalities of PowerApps for Office 365 Enterprise F1:

  • Run apps: Yes
  • Flow runs per user/month: 750
  • Run canvas apps in the context of Office 365: Yes
  • Connect to Office 365 data: Yes
  • Connect to cloud services using standard connectors: Yes
  • Run apps in a browser or PowerApps for iOS and Android: Yes
  • Run canvas apps offline: Yes
  • Support for data policies established by the Office 365 administrator: Yes
  • Create and share apps: Yes

In case, if you are searching for PowerApps, then it is stored at to which you can reach via the PowerApps title in your Office 365 App Launcher. Here you can edit or remove PowerApps as per your convenience and also create new PowerApps. However, it is recommended to use a dedicated account for using PowerApps in your organization.

Although, if you still find web application development on Microsoft PowerApp a daunting task for your business organization due to lack of resources and time, then hiring PowerApps developer is an ideal solution. As the developers are equipped with the right tools and expertise, delivering you efficient, rich and easy-to-use web applications that can simplify your workflow.

Looking Forward to Hiring a PowerApps Developer?

No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! We at Concetto Labs have an in-house team of PowerApps developers who are highly experienced and qualified, delivering customized web apps as per your business needs. We believe that our success lies in our client’s success. To discuss your query with our experts, you can drop an email at [email protected]