How Do I Hire Dedicated PHP Developer Teams Online?

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To hire dedicated software developers is a popular approach to outsourcing development. It takes much effort to find fitting PHP developers but saves cost later

The dedicated team is a model in which software outsourcing companies provide a team of software development professionals to their clients for a long term project. The clients have full control over the project management and the team’s workload, while the providers are in charge of recruitment, infrastructure, salary payment, and other administrative support.

Dedicated PHP developers (Hypertext Preprocessor) have been increasingly in demand recently. PHP is a scripting language embedded in HTML that is mainly used for web application development to manage databases, session tracking, or dynamic content. This popular open-source can be compatible with all major operating systems. Nearly 75% of websites over the world are developed with PHP language. And a dedicated development team is one of the best solutions to enhance the cost-efficiency of the project.

For enterprises that have no experience, here is a step-by-step guide for recruiting talents to your first PHP developer team:

Hire PHP developer: Process and Notice

Before getting started the recruitment, managers must identify these focused points of the project:

Define the objective. Clarify the project’s specifications that define the primary goals of your future application with measurable milestones. Then identify your expectations and detailed requirements for the outsourcing developers.

Assess the skill set. Think about what technology stack and skills required from the developers. It’s also crucial to determine what roles of the dedicated team you need to manage the whole project: developers, designers, business analysts, or any other experts?

Plan the timeline and budget. Create a master plan for your project, in which assigns the deadlines and specific budget for each milestone. It would help to track the progress of the project and manage the remote team more effectively.

Completing the necessary initial analysis, let’s move ahead onto the main steps of the hiring process.

#1 Choose a dedicated PHP developer

Shortlist 2-3 custom software development companies whose portfolios meet your requirements of expertise. There are some reliable sources for you to research, including Google, ratings, and reviews websites like Clutch or GoodFirms, and references check from your network. You can even try using applications they developed or take feedback from their previous clients if it is possible.

It should take into consideration that the selected mobile application development company can offer dedicated managers to be the contact point of the team, for example, an account manager or project manager.

#2 Share requirements with vendor’s recruiters

Regarding the requirements for hiring the dedicated PHP developer team, share the recruiters the PHP job descriptions as detailed as possible, importantly, tech expertise required from members. Additionally, build an agile software development team structure that gives them a clear picture of the size of the team and how each member is involved in the projects.

The more detailed you describe requirements, the faster recruiters can fill the team with the most suitable PHP developers

It’s highly recommended to share your feedback on qualified candidates as well as not suitable ones. Both types of comments might give the recruiters a greater sense of direction.

#3 Interview and select PHP developers

The outsourcing providers will help you to set up personal interviews with shortlisted candidates. It’s enterprises that effectively decide who to choose for the PHP developer team after these interviews.

Your discussion with candidates should be focused on their technical skills and experiences. Besides, agile software developers could become an integral part of your in-house team, looking for those who fit within your company culture. It might contribute to successful cooperation in the long term.

#4 Welcome on board

Clarify the onboarding process with the vendor and selected candidates most effectively and conveniently. On the other hand, prepare all the required assessments in advance.

As regularly, sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the dedicated PHP programmer in the beginning. You can set up an online meeting to welcome and introduce the new offshore application developer to the existing in-house team. Providing them with working toolkits and assign their responsibilities so that your dedicated PHP developer is ready to kick off the project.

Significant factors to hire PHP developer

Experience of various PHP frameworks

Choose custom software development companies whose members excel in a wide range of popular PHP frameworks such as Cakephp, Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony, and Zend Framework. Check their portfolios carefully to find out potential talents that meet your requirements for the future project.

Assessment of the code 

Some PHP developer teams would refuse to transfer the code due to their private conflicts.

Make sure that you are sharing the access to the code as a precondition of collaboration with the dedicated team, along with accounts for the development like TFS, cloud, or other platforms.

Effective workflow and communication 

Clarify with the outsourcing vendor about how they allocate agile software development teams to your project. Ask if they are willing to replace or add new members to expand the team when needed.

Furthermore, consider the team that makes use of modern PHP project management and communication tools. Lack of face-to-face communication could be an immense barrier between the in-house team and the offshore dedicated team. Task management tools and messenger applications like Slack, Trello, Skype, Zoom, and more will help you communicate constantly with the offshore team to keep track of the project.

The cheapest quote might not be the best option

Lastly, enterprises should focus on cost-effective rates rather than the lowest-cost during the selection of the PHP developer team. It’s better to search for a vendor that provides comprehensive solutions for you. A mobile application development company offering the cheapest rate may deliver incapable services, which gets you to pay more to complete the project later.

Sum Up

It can be challenging to find reliable partners for outsourcing development. And hiring an offshore PHP developer team might be one of the most cost-effective solutions. Follow our guide to find the most suitable agile development team for your next application project.