How Email Marketing Can Increase Website Traffic

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Email marketing may help you do more than just identify and engage new customers. It can also significantly enhance your website traffic. Creating a website is one of the most crucial steps toward small business success in today’s competitive world. It’s the crucial basis for establishing an online presence and expanding your business.

When individuals visit your website, you have the opportunity to learn more about them and maybe convert them into an advocate, partners, or clients. It’s a win if any of these things happen. Now, how can you persuade people to visit your website? The answer is ‘Email marketing.’

But Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the few simple ways to generate website traffic, and nearly 60% of marketers say it gives the best ROI. It’s an online marketing approach that entails sending targeted messages (emails) to a list of subscribers (a segment) or potential customers. You may advise them of new items or services available to try/purchase, or you could build a relationship with them to pique their attention.

Marketers use emails to request sales, gifts, or even to send advertisements to specific audiences. The fundamental goal is to raise brand awareness, generate consumer trust and loyalty, and expand the customer base and buy patterns.

However, an email list is required to make this marketing strategy successful and beneficial. Furthermore, the marketer must be innovative in producing promotional emails in order to get the attention of the target demography and convey the message. Although it appears to be a straightforward marketing plan, numerous aspects must be considered in order for it to be successful. As a result, in order to get the most out of a mailing list, one must be creative.

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that email marketing has the potential to be quite effective in generating immense traffic for your website.

However, as with many other marketing strategies, it must be done right. Hence, with that in mind, here are six email marketing tips for increasing your website traffic.

6 Ways To Drive More Traffic Using Email Marketing

1. A Healthy Email List Increases Website Traffic

First and foremost! Your subscriber list is the most crucial thing to consider when developing an efficient email marketing strategy. We never suggest scrapping the internet for a list. Instead, employ effective methods to expand your email address list and use a double opt-in procedure to add new subscribers. Email marketing without an email database is akin to going fishing in a deserted lake. There’s no use in sending emails if no one will read them. One of your most useful owned marketing channels is your email lists; it allows you to contact your customers, followers and leads at the click of a button. The more subscribers you have on your list of emails, the easier it will be to drive traffic to your website.

2. Keep Your Landing Pages in Sync With Your Email Campaign

Although you need to invest in a promising and effective email marketing strategy, it is also crucial to guarantee that your company’s landing page is correctly optimized. Most businesses lose potential high-value consumers because their websites are unappealing or under-optimized.

Ensure your business website is appropriately optimized and developed for more repeat visitors and word-of-mouth promotion. The website should be easy to navigate. A website that is eye-catching, informative, and simple to use draws more return visitors than an unresponsive website. Leadpages and Unbounce are two tools that can help you get started.

3. Segment Your List Based on the Subscriber’s Interests

It is important that your target audience receives emails with relevant content. To send relevant information to a specific demographic, you must first segment your email listings. Your email marketing list can be segmented depending on many data variables such as engagement level, age, gender, religion, location, job specialty, and so on. When you segment your list, it becomes easier to engage with your subscribers on issues that they are interested in. It also lowers the likelihood of unsubscribes and increases traffic to your website.

4. Optimize for All Devices

Since the arrival of smartphones, the majority of people have shifted their basic needs, such as reading emails onto their mobile devices; thus, your emails must be built with a mobile-first perspective, or they will not be viewed (or clicked). Almost all main email services should use a responsive design to ensure that your messages scale to any device.

Remember, the goal here is to attract traffic to your website; therefore, we recommend going a step further and checking that everything looks and performs properly, including the photos, copy, and buttons. If all of your subscribers are satisfied with the emails you sent, you can be certain that many of them will place orders or visit your company’s website.


  • Test your emails on various devices.
  • When creating your email campaign, keep mobile in mind.
  • To ensure that your most crucial content or call to action is seen, place it above the fold.

5. Targeted Emails

Both existing and new consumers will love it if you give them customized emails that are tailored to their specific demands. This involves categorizing your emailing list based on customer interests and demands. This ensures that subscribers receive emails that are relevant to their requirements rather than looking at them as “spammy” emails.

To provide the finest one-on-one communication, it would be more helpful to provide particular advice to your clients. Although sending personalized emails takes time, your company or website should see a 25% increase in conversions and traffic as a result. Delivering personalized emails has a much higher ROI than sending a single message to thousands of recipients.

6. Use Video Email Marketing

The latest marketing craze is video email marketing. As previously said, most people lead hectic lifestyles and rarely have time to read large blocks of information in emails. Nonetheless, the reading time can be shortened to a few seconds by simply including a promotional, high-quality, and instructional video clip as the main message.

You should, however, ensure that the video quality is superb while being lightweight to allow for fast loading, even in email programs. HTML5 video clips are often recommended since they load faster, even on slow internet. On a landing page, displaying a motion picture with your smiling face and a link to the actual video is also recommended.

Increase Your Website Traffic With Email Marketing Now

Proper and well-executed email campaigns can tremendously help your organization. You should expect more returns from the same if you utilize it accurately and aren’t too overpowering or use a sales-pitchy tone in the emails. (Note: it is acceptable to be more direct at some points in the email chain. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale). Check the email address you use to reach your target audiences since you never know what they will say or what good it will do for your business.

That’s it — your step-by-step guide to driving website visitors with email marketing. By motivating your subscribers to visit your website, you help your company rank higher in search engine results. You’ll soon be the owner of an online property that will assist you in building relationships and doing more business.