How Good Web Design Can Help Your Business

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Good web design can help to grow your business, check these tips and guides to get benefits from your website and reach your business goals.

If you’re looking to grow your business, you might wonder how a good web design can help you!

You maybe have noticed that your website’s conversion rate is low, or maybe your competitor’s websites are getting better traffic than yours.

Then you’ll find yourself in a situation in which you just don’t know what to do next for your website! Here some important website design tips, to help you reach your business goals.

How to make your website stand out?

Every entrepreneur who seeks success wants his/her website to achieve perfect customer satisfaction. This can help you encourage them to repeat the purchase experience through it in an integrated manner.

How can you achieve this?

By using one of the following two methods in designing an excellent website:

  • A Responsive web design uses a single HTML page that changes depending on your device’s nature.
  • A “Mixed-mode” web page: It has one HTML page which runs on smartphones and tablets. It has another that runs on desktops.

Be unique

What differentiates you from your competitors?

You must think creatively, by:

  • Coming up with a unique name for your website.

Ex: A group of the most successful companies, such as Amazon and e-Bay, achieved this aspect by creating a distinct name that sticks in their customers’ minds easily.

  • Generating new marketing ideas and applying them on your websites.
  • Making your company website more user-friendly, unique, and easy to navigate.

This aspect will not only attract new customers but also will boost customers’ loyalty, and that will increase repeat purchases.

Be professional

In the olden days, all it took to create a website was to design a logo, with some marketing words explaining your business. But now, with the changes in the market and the competitive nature, you must make it more attractive, and professional!

How can you achieve this?

  • Start with hiring a professional team to design & development your website. The good news here is this step isn’t very expensive, as a basic web design package will cost you a couple of hundred.
  • Hire a creative content writer to create professional marketing content that can attract your target audience to deal with your products/services.
  • Develop an integrated plan to structure your website Pages in a way that helps you explain the benefits of your services ideally.

This step can also make it easier for your customers to communicate with you.

Make it interactive


  • Using HTML5 & CSS3 to create interactive elements on your website.
  • Using interactive filters for social media pages, etc.
  • A survey found that 74% of people use their mobiles in searching for a local business, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Trying A/B testing by depending on multiple User-agents, to check your website performance on different devices and know which feature gains more conversion rate.
  • Creating a more responsive website on different devices.
  • Enhance the website performance, slow response causes users to feel bored and thus averse to dealing with you, which affects your ability to attract new customers.

Create a customer-specific landing page

What makes your products or services unique? Imagine that your website is like a marketing brochure!

The ideal brochure allows customers to identify all the products that you offer. It also makes it easy to compare them and choose the best choice that suits their needs. This is exactly what the ideal webs design process should do!

So, as we confirmed previously, create the plan that enables you to organize your website’s various landing pages, in a way that simple the browsing process for the customer, and thus facilitating him to decide to purchase your products.

Design for Conversions

This tip is probably one of the easiest to implement, how?

If you want your website to be the primary communication channel with your customers, design it to play this important role:

  • When your website is more content-oriented, that makes it easier for users to relate to the design and thus your product, so if you have a blog, make sure it’s conversion-oriented, Etc.
  • Focusing on your content quality, because if your site does not have enough suitable content, users won’t incentive to take any purchasing action.

Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for

Make sure your website has the information that your target audience seeks, and that they’re able to find it easily.

How you can reach that?

  • Ensure that you organize your content.
  • Don’t hide the search bar and clear all buttons and call-to-action links.
  • Make sure that your website layout is easy to navigate.
  • Ensure that your website has well-organized menus and well-arranged information pages.
  • Avoid creating a complicated and time-consuming navigation system.

Make it easy for visitors to purchase

One of the most important elements of any e-commerce website is the shopping cart, make sure your website’s shopping cart is simple, clear, and easy to use.

Don’t also overwhelm visitors with all the complicated checkout steps, If your customers are still struggling, enhance the website UX.

These steps will lead you to achieve the principle of “customer satisfaction” perfectly, and that enables you to maximize your revenue.

Design for SEO

If you are looking to make your website easy to find on the various search engines, you shouldn’t only focus on designing a good-looking website, that it’s only one of your SEO goals. This involves attracting users with relevant keywords and driving traffic through social media channels. Basically, if you’re trying to build a site for your business, making sure that it’s optimized your website for search engines it’s important for increasing site traffic.

Another important factor is voice search, some users search for information through voice-powered search engines, like Siri or Google Assistant. These search engines will give search results based on user-generated input.


Design is very important to the success of your business website, whether you’re a startup or an established company. Using the web design tips in this article can help you improve your business website.