How Influencers Are Paving the Way for Brands Amid Global Concerns

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How exactly are influencers paving the way for brands during rising global concerns?

With an increase in online social media usage (64% since March) and a 47% increase in influencer engagement specifically, it is no wonder brands are looking to influencers to pave the way, as they continue to navigate these uncertain times.

Continue reading as we dive a bit deeper into exactly how influencers are paving the way for brands amid global concerns.

Influencers have seamlessly shifted with the times

Influencers have gained a reputation based on and around their ability to relate and resonate with large audiences. Therefore, it comes as no surprise how easily they can shift content matter in a way that resonates with their followers amid global concerns.

Recently published data shows 96% of consumers who follow influencers are engaging with creator content more, 37% are actively watching influencer videos and stories and 41% engage with influencer content while simply scrolling through their feed.

This data shows and even proves the effectiveness of an influencer’s influence and their ability to relate, especially during these times. Where many have failed, influencers have succeeded and unknowingly shown the way for brands everywhere on how to craft content + a message that resonates amongst audiences far and wide.

Influencers are a one-stop content shop

Influencers have become a one-stop-shop for brands seeking authentic, timely content plus UGC that keeps the focus on building relationships and curating a brand message that resonates in order to stand out from all the noise.

Due to the seamless transition influencers have made, brands are coming on board to follow in their footsteps. We’ve seen brands partnering with influencers in various ways in an effort to connect, relate, and be a resource for consumers by means of IG live takeovers, brand partnerships, interviews, and more in order to portray a more authentic brand message and approach.

By partnering with and using influencers as a resource to connect more authentically, brands have set themselves apart and shown consumers a more human-centric way of connecting and marketing. Making the consumer the focal point of attention, not the product or service, which in turn builds brand loyalty and sentiment.

Brand loyalty + sentiment more likely than not turns into a conversion of the brand’s product or service because the same loyal consumers believe in the overall brand message: the brand message that was built within the various methods of influencer and brand marketing with the overall intent to connect authentically in a time when it is needed most.

Influencers move the needle

When a brand decides to partner with right-fit influencers in a purely collaborative effort, they can ensure they will see the needle move. Nearly 90% of marketers agree that influencer marketing ROI is comparable, better, or much better than other types of marketing. This comes as no surprise as influencer marketing has a proven and effective track record amongst brand marketers worldwide.

Take our latest campaign with MTV for instance: influencers showed just how effective they were with over 15 million impressions + soaring brand sentiment that overall aligned with the increase in sales conversions of products being promoted.

Whether the campaign end goal is brand awareness, increased sales, or website visits – influencers can and will move the needle. Not only that, but the post-life of most influencer posts extend well beyond the wrap up of influencer campaigns. So, continuing ROI will be in effect much longer than expected or anticipated.

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing is one of the most fail-proof marketing methods available to brand marketers today. With data to back it up and the proposed 15 billion dollar industry, it is set out to be by 2022, it is has become the present and future of brand marketing.

Here are some best key practices for brands to remember when embarking on the influencer campaign journey:

1. Finding right-fit influencers

Partnering with right-fit influencers can ensure your campaign drives engagement and conversions. To do this, a brand must know their target demographic and begin building relationships with influencers that best relate to and fit within said target segment groups to ensure alignment. Another way for brands to partner with the best right-fit influencers is by partnering with an influencer marketing agency. Agencies have long-standing relationships with top tier influencers: those who have a proven track record of success and can guarantee engagement and/or conversion.

2. Knowing your brand’s campaign goals

Before embarking on your influencer campaign journey whether you are partnering with an agency or not, it is important to know your brand’s campaign goals. Whether it is brand awareness, increased sales, or website visits, knowing the end goal is an important factor is how the influencer strategy will be curated and communicated to align with such goals.

3. Communication and collaboration

There is a magic that exists within the collaboration between brand + influencer partnerships. Being able to relay your brand’s creative direction in a way that inspires collaborative, creative ideas from the influencer is the making of a great strategy and successful campaign. Giving influencers creative control over their content is what keeps the message authentic and relatable in order for it to resonate with their followers, your brand’s target consumer.