How Much Does It Cost to Create an Augmented Reality App?

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Augmented Reality is framing the future of technology and is making a mark in the industries on a global level.

In recent times, Augmented Reality has proven to be one of the greatest technology advancements in the development community. Global Companies and Enterprises have already started working on a list of devices and applications using the Augmented Reality feature. Soon both PlayStore and AppStore will be flooded with Augmented Reality Apps in the future.

Now, if you want to start or expand your business globally through the Internet, implementing Augmented Reality in your app can provide you success in the long run. But the basic question is what this Augmented Reality (AR) is and why is it so important in the field of mobile technology. So, let’s discuss.

Augmented Reality and Its Importance in the Business of Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is the feature that provides the experience of the real environment in a highly interactive computerized manner in such a manner that it enhances the perception of reality via visuals, audio clips, etc.

Its contribution to the industries can never be neglected. People are getting attracted to this revolutionary modification and everyone wants to experience the usage of this feature on a daily basis. Seeing this as a great opportunity to dominate the online market, companies are investing a lot of time and money in making this feature an essential part of their applications to succeed in the online marketplace.

The huge capitalism and ROI returns involved with the Augmented Reality App Development have become much more than other industries. It is now emerging as a major feature provided by any good Software Development Company and Mobile App Development Company. Fortune Companies are collaborating with development agencies to create Augmented Reality Apps for them in order to attract the whole world.

But if you really want your business app to boost up your successful start-up or company, you need to make your Augmented Reality App worthy enough to establish a brand of its own in the Online Industry.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an AR App?

To determine the Augmented Reality App Development costs, you need to make a list of the primary factors which determine the price of an AR app-

Work Scope:

The features and development of the app, the ideas, and convolutions behind the development, app maintenance and management, and launching support.

Time Loop:

The time to deliver the project as the cost of developing an app is related to the time given for its delivery. The shorter is the time loop, the increase is in the development of the AR app.


A team of good professionals who look after every development stage of the AR app. The more the no of professionals and the time they take for development, the more is the estimated cost.

For more clarity, let’s explain the costing factors in a detailed manner with the following variations of an AR app.

1. Minimum Viable Product App

A MVP App is an example of a simple demo app. Generally, such apps signify the basic prototype of your app that covers the primary features you want your app to deliver. Such apps have-

  • 1-6 Augmented Reality onboard models
  • 1-2 key features with no description or learning
  • Normal features like Camera, Gallery, pile 3D models, etc.

Such apps consume low cost in their development because of:

  • Less time and hard work in designing and development
  • Less complexity in Programming
  • Simple Integration of 3D figures and designs
  • Quick Publishing on Platforms

2. A Mid-Level AR App With Customized Features

This category comprises of encapsulating high features with a branded logo into a single app. Such Augmented Reality Apps can be used as an enumerator with –

  • More board models than an MVP app
  • A list of key features with required descriptions for more use
  • A good number of items like media sharing, customized 3D images, higher camera qualities, etc.

Such apps consume comparatively more cost than simple apps as they deliver a lot of features which comes down to:

  • More time in designing of Sign Up and Catalogue because of the integration of API’s and menu items in the backend development.
  • Addition of features like media sharing, add to cart options
  • High programming needed in API integration and Back end Development

3. An AR App of Enterprise-Level

Enterprise-level mobile applications have high maintenance systems for accurate and quick development and installation of Augmented Reality content so that the workflow within workshops gets maximum help. The modified characteristics are:

  • Highly customized APIs and content management system
  • Brand designs and custom made functions
  • Complex algorithms and highly efficient backend development

The cost involved in the development is very high as the app undergoes a lot of development which involves a lot of time too, including-

  • Highly interactive and visually appealing sign up page and catalogs
  • AI-based suggestions and recognition system
  • Integration of heavy content management system and AR-related 3D models

Some More Valuable Points Which Should Not Be Ignored!

1. Software Tools:

For any Mobile App to be developed, a set of correct tools are required to make the development and execution possible. Choosing the right technology stack for every platform is very important as the configuration and backend development depends upon the platform where the app needs to be launched. The Mobile App Market is divided into three platforms-Android, iOS, and Web. Each of them requires a different set of development protocols and hence, the cost differs with the technology involved in the respective platforms.

2. Maintenance of Hosting Servers:

Primarily, the maintenance costs should also be decided while deciding the app designs and development. Server hosting differs from the varieties of apps, but make sure to use an established and affordable server host along with a broadband channel.

Final Advice to the Readers!

Augmented Reality is framing the future of technology and is making a mark in the industries on a global level. But at times, it is technically challenging to find the right Mobile App Development Company to shape your ambitions with the right set of tools.