How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Android App Developer?

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Hiring an Android developer is the best option for the person who doesn’t know how to code but wants to develop a mobile application.

Ever since the wave of digitalization hit the world, we’ve observed a shift in how businesses functioned. Following the footsteps of tech giants, every business is now open to the idea of developing a mobile application for their business.

This can also be observed from the increased number of mobile app development services in the market. One can surely learn to create a mobile app on their own but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not impossible to learn how to code, but not everyone has the time for it.

Hiring an Android developer is the other option that is exercised by every other person who doesn’t know to code but wants to develop a mobile application. The market for creating Android applications is growing with each passing day. Whether it’s fitness apps, games, video communication, or online food/grocery ordering, Android holds a huge user base.

Having said this, Android apps have always been the talk of the town. Especially, in a country like India, where having an iOS phone is still a luxury, Android apps still rule the market. This blog shares with you the essentials of the Android landscape in India and the cost related to hiring an Android app developer.

Your cost of hiring an Android developer will depend on the following factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring an Android App Developer

Business Goals

Depending on the business goals one can decide on how complex or simple your application needs to be. Your app’s capability or features would be determined by the problems it solves and the value it adds to your user’s life. Traditionally, more features would result in a higher price.


An app does require external integrations like payment gateways, GPS, and more. Generally, the apps require external integrations but the extent of the same is decided by the number of features you wish to include in your app. This would require server-side scripting, to allow your app communication with your database. A database shares and stores all your app and external data. Other than this, one also has to integrate backend apps such as HRM, ERP, accounting, and CRM systems.


There are myriad Android devices in the world today and thousands are in making. The biggest problem apps face with different devices is their operating system and screen ratio. The different screen sizes are also a relevant factor affecting your app functionality. The Android app development services you select have to make sure that your app works well with the most common and different screen sizes.

Security & Maintenance

Updating an app for maintenance, bug fixes, and security updates have become mandatory. An app’s performance can deteriorate without the same. App development companies also offer post-project consultation at budget-friendly rates. With this service, one doesn’t have to invest in hiring developers on their payroll. Mostly an app needs small updates at regular time intervals.

UI/UX design & Brand Quality

UI/UX design is one of the areas of app development that isn’t given much emphasis but it’s responsible for the brand that you wish to create. An intuitive design and a seamless user interface will have an everlasting effect on users from the go.

App Architecture

Various users use an app to perform many different functions. According to their roles, each has been assigned different permissions. For instance, a consumer only has the permission to view their profile and access the features of the app but an Admin can view and manipulate data and other schemes for the consumers.

Similarly, a Manager can have the right to assign different permissions to various team members. This is because maintaining an app is a collaborative process. One needs intelligent coding and effort to design a sound architecture that serves different users of the app.

Development Time

Every entrepreneur that opts for app development has ‘time’ as their primary criteria. With mobile apps there lies the fear of your competition capturing a higher percentage of consumers. Due to the same entrepreneurs are always adamant about working on a disciplined timeline.

If one wishes to complete their project quicker than an estimated time calculated by the development team, they would have to pay more. This would also apply to the case where one opts for creating an MVP instead of a fully-functional app.

Cost of Hiring a Mobile App Developer

The total mobile app development cost is dependent on many factors. Foremost being the app development region you choose and another being the size of your app development company. For instance, as per data observed from, an Australia or Germany-based mobile developer would cost you around 76,000 USD/ year and 66,000 USD/ year but a US-based one would cost you around 89,000 USD/year.

This price can be drastically reduced if you choose to outsource your project to a country like India, due to the change in development region. This is due to the difference in economies in different parts of the world. Having learned this, the development price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor for you to select a mobile app development company. But for startups and low-budget businesses, this is certainly a prominent aspect to consider.

As you might be aware that iOS and Android mobile apps are dominating the mobile world today. But cross-platform techs have also joined this party and are increasing in popularity with each passing day. And is becoming the preferred choice for top mobile app developers in the industry. To give you an idea of the approximate range each app development type can go up to, you can study the following.

Android mobile app development: 7,000 USD – 1,00,000 USD

iOS app development: 6,000 USD – 85,000 USD

Flutter app development: 5,000 USD – 75,000 USD

Final Thoughts

The app development process is a pretty complex one. One has to narrow in on many things such as an app development framework, features, app type, and more. To get the complete idea of the entire app development process one should refer to a sound mobile app development guide.

Apart from the preceding, the app development region one chooses makes a huge overall impact on the total cost of development. If you have a decent budget, your aim should be to create simultaneous iOS and Android apps. Both platforms have a huge user base and therefore it would be a smart strategy to opt for.

If you don’t have enough budget, then it would be advisable that you target the platform with maximum users i.e. Android in this case. With an Android app, one can target a larger audience while with an iOS app one can depend on subscription buying members. You would also notice a price difference from developers depending on the platform you choose for development.