How SEO and PPC Works Together

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The main goal of PPC & SEO is to drive traffic to your website and to get more visitors as possible. This blog defines the importance of both in combination.

Many business websites do not consider PPC and optimizing only for SEO and many do not consider SEO and optimize only for PPC. Always remember, PPC and SEO are both equally important for your website. Optimizing only one of them can harm your website’s ranking.

Importance of SEO

SEO is the most important factor to apply on a website; SEO can help website gain rankings on Google search results. Think about it like this, the website is the human body and SEO is the brain–SEO helps the website to run and function well.

After applying some strong SEO strategies that can help you gain rankings and visitors to your website, there is a good chance that a visitor can convert and buy your services.

SEO can also help create brand awareness, which is very beneficial. If your website is at the top of the rankings and you are gaining visitors then obviously your brand will soar.

Many digital marketing agencies provide quality SEO services.

Importance of PPC

If your site is not that popular on Google then also focus on creating an advertisement for the product you provide.  Gaining paid traffic to a site is not that expensive, a newbie company can easily pay for it.

Creating an advertisement for a product can help businesses gain visitors to their site, while paid traffic has better chances to convert. Once your website has potential customers, paying Google for PPC ads won’t be a big deal. Approaching affordable Pay per Click services for your website can help your website to make you some good earnings.

Targeting an audience can also be beneficial. PPC advertising can help you target an audience that you want, and then by using keywords, graphics, and interest, the search engine can showcase your ads where it is vitally important. This will lead you to gain quality traffic to your website.

The similarities between SEO and PPC

First of all, both strategies have the same goal, which is to drive traffic to your site and to get as high a conversion rate as possible. Some companies mark differences between these two platforms, but they both have the same goal to target.

Both of these platforms have the same keyword strategies, finding a relevant keyword on the basis of its volume and competition. However, PPC is also based on volume and competition, but the CPC is determined on the competition, the higher the competition the higher the CPC is. So be careful when researching a paid keyword.

Boost your SERP coverage

When running PPC advertising, your website appears at the top of searches. Obviously, searchers see your site first.

After applying SEO tactics, a brand can likely consume a large section of the Google SERPs,  showcasing advertisements over the organic listings. If a searcher fails to click on the ad then they can find your website on the organic listing as well.

Visibility of your website both organically and by advertising can help you get double exposure to your site, getting organic and paid traffic can increase your website click-through rate and a good chance for visitors to convert.

Remarketing campaigns

If your website is ranking quite well with the help of SEO, and gaining an amount of traffic, but the potential visitor can’t make up their mind to purchase from you, try a combination of SEO in the form of PPC, called remarketing.

For example, if a searcher is shopping for a college backpack on your site, but didn’t make a purchase, you can purchase ads regarding the keyword of backpacks that can drive that same visitor to your site and make a purchase at a later time. This strategy is also effective for other searchers too, there will be many other searchers who want to purchase a college backpack and your advertisement of that backpack can drive them to your website and convert.

Many companies use this potential strategy to help them gain visitors and conversion rates. So applying this technique is a great way for your company to gain business.


Always try to apply both of these platforms equally to your site. SEO and PPC can help you a lot in gaining visitors, CTRs and conversion rate in no time.

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