How to Become a Full Stack Developer: 6 Steps

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Now full stack developer is trending as the new job title. But how can you become a full stack developer?

Jack of all trades, master of none. Today, many developers claim to be a full-stack developer but their project development skills fall short.

For the successful project development now, startups hire full-stack developers who can handle the roles from UI to the backend.

The fullstack developers are responsible for the end-to-end development of the app. Now full stack developer is trending as the new job title.

But how to become a full-stack developer? it is essential to understand the width and depth of the technologies involved.

What Is the Meaning of Full Stack Developer?

The full-stack developer is the one who knows various programming languages involved in web application development. These developers use their skills for full-stack development services to create the product independently.

They are perceived to be capable of managing all the client-side and server-side work along with database and system engineering tasks.

The word stack refers to the group of sub-modules or the arranged collection of sub-modules that are combined to make a project functional.

Also, full-stack represents the set of technologies, which are used for project development tasks.

This article will share important knowledge about how to become a full-stack developer. A full-stack developer needs to know different technologies but mastering one can work well along with taking enough knowledge of every technology involved.

Here Are the 6 Steps That Can Help You to Become a Full-Stack Developer

  1. Learn version management
  2. Polish your knowledge
  3. Gain knowledge of master one
  4. Get practical exposure
  5. Familiarize with DevOps
  6. Dig deeper, understand how the web works

Learn Version Management

It is always tempting to dive into the web application development and designing part. Because the products are always upfront, but the industry demands the expertise to work over and handle large projects.

It is advisable to build a deep knowledge foundation. Not only the development skills but also the designing and server handling part can be useful.

One such important skill is version management. When a large team works over any project, it becomes hard to keep track of the changes.

Also, the iterative development comprises the iteration of development and designing tweaks along with the introduction of new features in every cycle. The version control system lets you organize the different versions of the code.

Git is the most popular version control system. Git powers a platform like Gitlab and Github; which hosts the million of code from the developers worldwide. Often when new full-stack developers are hired, they ask the question of why it is important to learn Git.

Without Git, it becomes hard to draw out the explanation of each iteration and the project files cannot be organized well with every iteration:

  • Assets are deprecated
  • Few are stored to be used later
  • Tweaks are done over existing assets
  • CSS is updated
  • Styles are updated
  • .Nav and. container is updated

Multiply the above sample steps with the number of iterations. With Git, it becomes easy to store and manage the project files of web application development. There are many learning resources available for Git and Github. Learning git easy but crucial step.

Polish Your Knowledge

When you hire a full-stack developer, they own the responsibility for the end-to-end functionality of the application. For understanding the complex concepts, it is important to know fundamental concepts. Javascript and HTML is the base of UI development for web applications.

User Interface majorly affects the use of the application and therefore any novice can spoil the efforts associated with the app. for handling such tasks, it is required to understand all aspects of technology.

Start learning the concepts and building small projects.

You can create test web pages and apply the tested concepts over large projects. Javascript is highly used in all web apps for UI/UX.

Mastering javascript skills can help. Knowledge of programming skills is essential for full stack development services.

You must improve the coding skills and gain knowledge of a few theories, such as: servers and their functioning, web hosting environments, algorithms, data structure, database management, and networking concepts.

Application development comprises many parts and it is created by combining these parts and making a single unit.

For developing the application, you must understand the basic concept of the whole ecosystem and how one part of the app connects with other parts of it.

Master One Technology

The technical sphere is too large to learn all. When you dive deeper into the technology, you understand that there is a lot to learn. Most of the programmers often fail, because they try to learn everything. Too much knowledge of everything is not possible practically.

Therefore, the focus must be on mastering one technology. As you continue with the language, your comfort level with the language also increases.

Master a single technology and choose the one which is the most popular. This empowers you to compete in the market and deliver outstanding work.

Fullstack developers are in demand, and the developers who are working over multiple technologies are more likely to be hired by the web and mobile app development company because of the usability over multiple requirements and the versatility of the career.

Get Practical Exposure

Gaining knowledge is not enough for full stack development services. The practical implementation of development skills makes one more perfect.

Directly implementing over large projects can be a little dangerous. Instead, you should focus on giving your hands on try over sample test projects.

The most challenging part of full-stack development is when you know all set of technologies going to be used. For the proper development of the app, you must know:

  • The right way of structuring the code
  • Separation of the files
  • Hosting of the large media files
  • Data structure
  • Client-side and server-side computation

Theoretical knowledge can be gained by reading codes and online code samples. To understand the application architecture, starting the code is necessary.

Understanding the code architecture is important to develop a web app. When you work with the team, it becomes easy to accomplish the tasks, because it makes easier to handle the projects.

The practical coding experience adds the essential practical exposure to the full stack developer toolkit. IT companies prefer talent more often than degrees.

If you have the mastery in one technology and enough functional knowledge of other tools.

Familiarize with DevOps

DevOps is a software development practice, which incorporates software development and IT operations.

DevOps also promote the iterative development keeping the development and operation part work in parallel.

The system is designed to decrease the timeframe and implement early production. DevOps is the part of software development practices and learning it is not necessary for the full stack developer.

However, if the developer has some knowledge of how DevOps work, are a bonus and the preferable one? The developer must at least make himself familiar with the skillset.

DevOps is the requirement for the larger project whereas the small projects can be handled without putting them into the DevOps framework.

DevOps does not help you in the frontend and backend development, but it helps you in understanding how the operational side works.

There are a number of learning sources available, but you can take knowledge from Reliability engineering.

Dig Deeper to Understand How the Web Works

There are a few technologies, which comprise the web infrastructure. They allow users to visit the webpage and fetch out the information they require.

A full-stack developer is not required to know the intricacies of the web architecture and the in-depth knowledge is more limited to the network engineers.

However, it is crucial to understand the basic aspect of the web where the front end and backend meets. This is where the project comes into life.

Always start with the basic concepts and then dig deeper, because it can help you with the applications, which pertain to the network architectures.


Becoming a full-stack developer is not as easy as it seems. What it requires is knowledge.

Once you gain expertise over any of your choice of technology, grabbing other technologies becomes easier, too.

Frontend and backend are two integral parts of the application and therefore the stakeholders are now focusing on hiring full-stack developers, which can maintain the compatibility between both.

This is why there is a huge demand to hire full-stack developers. Often new developers make mistakes in choosing the path and in the process of getting a grip over everything, they lose all.

This creates the situation of the Jack of all trades, master of none. Less expertise is respected nowhere. Follow the above steps and master one technology first and then try to increase your knowledge.