How to Build Your Social Media Strategy

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For businesses, it is really important to build a social media strategy. So here are some strategies which can be useful for any business to increase leads and sales.

How to Build Your Social Media Strategy?

For any business, it is really important to build a social media strategy. How can you build a strategy? Here are some strategies which can be useful for any business to gain sales, leads, etc.

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Setting Marketing Goals

the first and foremost strategy is setting marketing goals. What does marketing goals mean?

Marketing goals are basically specific, measurable, realistic, aspirational and time-bound goals that every business needs to make for their growth. The marketer who writes down and their goals and objectives are more likely to make them a reality.

Make Your Marketing Goals SMART

S – specific
M – measurable
A – aspirational
R – realistic
T – time-bound

Brand Awareness

Every company wants their brand to be known by people, instead of posting about promotional content they should post about their brand and about the product, their values and beliefs this will attract the customer and will lead to more brand awareness

Drive More Sales

Is your product customer-friendly, what exactly does the customer wants there are some few things which can be kept in mind if the customer is satisfied then there will automatically be more sales

Gain More Social Media Followers

Who doesn’t want more followers, right? Gaining more and new followers are really important for any company to grow. Followers can be gained through various techniques such as by making your brand customer-friendly, get involved in social communities, start answering common questions, etc.

Research Your Target Audience

The target audience is the ideal customer you want to attract to your product and services through your marketing efforts.

  • Creating a marketing persona will lead to details of what customer needs
  • The persona includes your target audience’s who, what, where and why, gender, age, occupation.
  • Having all our Analytics under one roof helps us to be more effective and efficient in testing out the content

There are few questions that everyone should ourselves

  • Who are our best customers?
  • What qualities do these customers share?
  • Why caused these customers to search for a solution like our product or service?
  • What did they choose our product and not our competitors?
  • Why did they hire our product or services?

Conducting SWOT Analysis

SWOT is a very old and effective form of method which is used to conduct analysis.

S – strength
W – weakness
O – opportunity
T – threats

Pick Your Posting Strategy

Posting your content at the right time can help us generate more followers and leads. What is the right posting time? How many posts per day?

  • Posting times are different for every social site, but on average, once or twice stories and post per day
  • The content which is been posted should be apt
  • Posting time should be after 2 pm
  • As per research, videos on Facebook get more likes rather than pictures
  • Content on Twitter needs to be posted three to ten times a day

Knowing the Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics help us to direct the promotion of the product or services to fulfil the marketing goal. It is important to list down the tactics as it will help you choose the options to make your goal into reality.

Some of the tactics are:

Case study, PPC, SEO, email, research, content, sponsorship, etc

Always have an eye on what your competitors are doing:

Keeping an eye on the competitors and their strategy, the way of working can help you. The goal is not to copy or steal something from your competitors, it’s just to know what is working for them.

Looking at competitors’ social media can be very helpful, it can help to gain the insights of the company and what new techniques they are using, what campaigns they are launching.

Create engaging and eye-catching content:

Social media is surrounded by content and what content do you post. The customer always likes content that is apt and is useful for them, content should be short and it should come in the eyes of the customer. Content should attract the customer towards your product. One of the most important thing in content is sticking to themes. One must always use themes it attracts customers and looks aesthetic in your feed. If you are out of the content you can post images, videos, memes these things also attract the customers.

Check what’s working for you:

It is really important in building your marketing strategy, regularly checking on what’s working your product and what’s not working for your product is really important. It can help you improve your content and other things.

There should be continuous analysing of the product it will help you in realising which campaigns are working dor you and which are not.