How to Choose the Right Backend Technology for Your App

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Have a great idea for your new startup? Let’s get acquainted with the most appropriate technologies of the backend.

If you have a brilliant idea for a new app, but don’t know how to start, you’ve come to the right place!

Since the backend does everything in the application, choosing the right backend technology behind the app is the first step of a long journey of making an app.

Let’s see what languages are used for backend development and what is actually backend.

What Is the Backend of a Website?

The backend is the software that lives on the server, i.e., a computer similar to the one we have at home, only far more powerful.

Backend is one of the essential parts of web development. It is the root and the engine of the website and consists of different parts related to the database, server, and app.

Backend web development or server-side development is done by using programming languages like Java, Javascript (Node JS), PHP, C #, Ruby, Python, Kotlin.

What Are the Best Backend Technologies in 2021?

The most popular and widely used backend technologies are web programming languages Ruby, Python, PHP, and NodeJS.

Let’s explain one by one and see what they’re used for.


PHP is a simple but powerful programming language used for creating dynamic websites and minimum viable product development. It can be used with different frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Yii or WordPress (it’s a CMS, but can be used as a framework) to create microservices and full-fledged web applications and to speed up the development process.

PHP can be used on most operating systems, such as Unix, Windows, or Mac OS X. With PHP, you can collect data, generate dynamic page content, send and receive cookies, write command line and server-side scripting, and write desktop applications.

Popular companies using PHP: Facebook, Viber, Hootsuite, Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia, Buffer


JavaScript is a programming language used for both the frontend and backend and for building different types of sites and software, such as web servers, websites, mobile and desktop apps, games, etc.

With JavaScript, you can create dynamic web pages in combination with HTML and CSS technologies.

If you have any previous experience in programming, you can quickly master JavaScript, because the syntax of the JavaScript language is found in other popular languages ​​like C #, C ++, Java, etc.

Companies using Javascript: eBay, Airbnb, Square, Asana


Node is a platform for building fast and scalable applications. Since it is part of the JS package, you can create both frontend and backend with this framework.

Node.js is currently the best option for developing real-time applications that rely on I/O operations, such as chat servers, live video and audio streaming, collaborative editing services, etc.

Popular Apps using Node.js: Facebook, Netflix, Candy Crush

Python with Django

Python is a straightforward and fastest-growing programming language used for both web and desktop development. Its syntax is simple and easy to understand, so it is excellent for everyone starting in programming.

Python allows using multiple frameworks. One of them is Django. This web framework enhances software development. Django speeds it up, makes it reliable and scalable. The combination of Python and Django gives you many possibilities for creating brand new software.

Popular companies using Python: Google, Quora, Instagram, Spotify


Ruby is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language designed to help developers be more productive and enjoy programming more.

You can use Ruby just like you would use any other general-purpose scripting language – web servers and web applications, mobile apps, create prototypes, system utilities, database work, backups, parsing, medicine, etc.

Popular Apps: GitHub, Scribd, Kickstarter, Basecamp


When choosing backend technology, the most important things to look for are speed, scalability, and reliability.

We hope that this overview gives you a clearer picture of the possibilities and capabilities of backend technologies.

Before opting out for the most beneficial programming language for a particular project, follow your company’s requirements, not just industry trends.

If you want to learn more about other programming languages, including Java, Kotlin, C#, check our full article on backend technologies.

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