How To Conduct Proper Market Research for Your Mobile App Idea?

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Are you walking around with an unmatched mobile app idea in your head? Here’s how you can conduct effective market research and turn your dream into a reality!

Hold on! Did you conduct market research first?

If that’s a no, get your hands off the keyboard, and go through the basics with us!

Starting with app development without doing market research is like building your dream house without laying out the foundation. So, the more you do the research, and learn about your audience and the market trends, the better can be your app launch strategy and solutions to your customer’s problems.

Now you know where to start from! Put on your Sherlock cap, and we’ll walk you through the basics of market research.

Why Is Market Research Important Before Mobile App Development?

To start with you should know that the app industry is HUGE!

Therefore, detailed market research can help you understand your target audience to the core and come out with custom solutions that give your app that extra edge in the market. Also, learning well about the apps around can provide you with some major insights into the current market trends and basically what your potential customers are more likely to enjoy. All in all, if your app idea is empowered with the right data, your landing into the big club will be absolutely smooth. Any app idea that isn’t backed by proper market research could be at risk of failure even if it is pretty unique! So before giving a final heads-up, here are a few points, you need to think of while conducting the market research:

👉What is your business model?

👉Is your app required in the market?

👉Is it the right time to launch the app?

👉Is your app conveying the USP clearly?

👉Is the app a solution to your customer’s pain points?

When you have the answers to all of these, you’d probably be halfway down to launching a hit product in the market!

Now let’s dive into the final segment, the best market research strategies that can prove most useful for your mobile app.

Best Market Research Strategies For Your Mobile App

Define Your Target Audience

Begin by identifying your target audience. You wouldn’t want to cater to everybody’s needs, obviously! This group of people is basically a bunch of people that share common interests. You can use multiple platforms such as Garter, Gallup, Google Trends, and Statista to collect the data and conduct the research accordingly.

Get Updates With Social Media Listening

Social Media is an excellent platform to understand what your audience likes or dislikes. With almost half of the world’s population on it, social media is a treasure trove of information for your research. So, enter into social media listening using tools like Buffer, Reddit and Google, and monitor how users communicate with products like yours and most importantly, what exactly are their pain points.

Know Who Are Your Competitors

Whether your mobile application development concept is excellent or not, it is always a great idea to know what your competitors are up to and find out what has worked and what hasn’t worked out in their favor. This research can assist you in incorporating unique and brilliant functionalities in your mobile app that will not only engage them but also offer them a flawless user experience. Remember to monitor the metrics and not just the trends that your competitors are following.

Conduct SWOT Analysis

You can always strengthen your app’s core if you conduct a SWOT analysis. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis refers to identifying and examining the internal strengths and weaknesses of your direct and indirect competitors. It will help you in gaining valuable insights which you can use to compare with your app launch strategy and add a new twist to your product for it to become a market hit. Doing this will successfully finish the meatiest part of app market research.

In a Nutshell

For your mobile app to survive and prosper in the market, you’ve gotta get the basics right! The key to a successful app launch always requires hard work and comprehensive research. You cannot simply cut things short and achieve the desired results. Rather than using any random strategy, you should always opt for established and tested ways that can clearly benefit you in the long run.

If you are thinking of converting your idea into a top-notch app, then we are more than happy to contribute to your success story.