How to Create a Video Chat App in 2021?

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Concetto Labs uses the best development process that guides you through an initial idea to full-fledged working products.

In the last few years, video calling technology is on the rise. It has become an essential part of every business and relies on users to fulfill customer needs. The growing demand for video calling apps grabbed the attention of free-standing developers. With this, the desire for how to create a video chat app started to grow. Let’s understand this with an example: Remote workers increases from 17% to 44% since 2020. Leveraging the distance between employees needs quality communication to establish a productive workflow.

A few technologies like Zoom, Skype, Hangout, etc., to make video calls are almost free. Here’s a brief guide on how to create a video chat app.

How to Create a Video Chat App?

There are times when you need to integrate video chat into a ready-made app. Now it’s time to find out major development steps which guarantee a successful product launch. Mainly, there are five steps for video chat app development. They are:

1. Backend Development

It’s a foundation for video chat app development and builds from scratch using SaaS (software as a service) solutions. Building an app from scratch offers more flexibility with the SaaS solution with helping you save more time.

2. UI/UX Design

If you’re aiming for a wide audience and want to have intuitive and minimalistic service, then UI/UX design services come in the first place. UI features may suit a particular audience when it comes to tons of buttons and menus. If you create a video chat app for users of all ages and technical proficiency, then make sure it’s more convenient for every single person.

3. Video Streaming Protocols

Transmitting a live video using an app is possible due to the WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) protocol. The protocol comes with features like streaming, peering, audio/video codecs for communication between users. One can start exchanging data between the clients that are willing to connect. WebRTC is the best video call app that derives the fact that software companies use for building healthcare HIPAA-compliant apps.

4. Testing Stage

One needs to ensure that each line of code works as it features, too. Bugs lead to audio-video desync features and personal data leaks. Therefore, quality assurance is essential where the developer fixes issues with fewer bugs in the initial version with a better user experience.

5. Choose the Team

Give life to your project and hire an in-house team of developers or outsource it from other countries. Maintain long-term co-operation with the team of your choice. Also, the average developer rate in Europe is $50/hour, which is cheaper than in the US, i.e.$ 150/hour. Choose the developer that helps you save time and deliver results faster.

What Tech Stack to Use While Developing a Video Chat App?

There are the varieties of coding language that’s quite challenging to find and meet all your mobile app needs. If you target Android and iOS operating systems, then the best technology is its native mobile development.

1. Android Mobile App

The most used programming language for building Android applications are Java and Kotlin. Kotlin is preferred by 72% of developers globally, where Java is about 53%. Also, Java is recognized as the best open-source nature that comes with various frameworks and libraries. At the same time, Kotlin is gaining momentum due to its lightweight and clean pattern. It allows users to overcome deficiencies other than Java.

2. iOS Mobile App

Objective C and Swift are the most popular tech stacks that present clean and fewer errors. The language comes with dynamic libraries that can help to upload into memory directly. Also, it enables to development of the quick app and guaranteed excellent app performance.

How does a video chat app help to make money?

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End Word

We have an experienced end-to-end team that develops custom software for businesses. Concetto Labs uses the best development process that guides you through an initial idea to full-fledged working products. It helps you use the latest technology that benefits your business with ease.