How To Create The BEST Banner Ads

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Banner ads are an interruptive form of advertising and can be hard to execute. Follow these 7 steps to create banner ads that will get clicks.

Creating digital banner ads sounds easy. Find a great proposition line that attracts your clientele, match it with an image of your business, product or service and make sure there is a call to action button. But how do you make sure your ad gets clicked on?

A lot of marketers don’t understand that Display banner advertising is interruptive in nature, making it especially important to stand out from everything else. In fact, only 14% of users can recall the last display ad they saw and the content it promoted.

Below are a few of our handy tips to help you create banners ads that will get clicks: 

1. Treat Them Like A Billboard

  • Your digital banner ad must stand out from a distance.
  • If there’s a main heading and a subheading, make sure the main headline makes sense as a stand-alone message.
  • Your banner ad should contain all the information a consumer needs to peak their interest. An effective proposition, appealing image and enticing call-to-action button are all important to help your ad stand out from the rest.

2. Use A Border

  • There are over 2,000,000 websites in the Google network. Since you don’t know what background your ad will be on, a thin border can really help it stand out.
  • A simple 1-pixel border should do the trick

3. Always Include A Button

  • Having a brightly coloured button can improve conversion rate by 35%.
  • Your button colour should be a bright and/or contrasting colour. Ideally, this colour would be your brand accent colour.

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