How to Cut Down the Android Mobile App Development Cost

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This article will give insights on how to reduce Android mobile app development costs and eventually, save more money for app promotion and other activities.

Android app development has become the need of the hour. It has emerged as a vital investment for all the businesses who wish to extend their brand presence, connect with their target user base, and relish higher benefits efficiently. It has turned out to be a proven way to earn more money and build long-term customer relationships.

However, Android mobile app development is itself not a cheap investment. It requires a huge amount of investment to build your business presence in the Android market. But, again, this does not indicate that you need to empty your bank accounts and give away all of your savings.

There are various ways to reduce the amount you need to put into the process of building an Android application.

Know What You Want From Your App

If you are unsure of the required app features and functionalities, this often leads to multiple changes in the app idea during the development process. This increases the time, effort, and cost required to build and launch an application in the Android market.

But, when you have researched your market thoroughly and have a clear idea of what your business app should comprise of, the frequency of changes reduces significantly. Something that results in lowering the cost to make an app too.

Confine to Minimal Devices and OS Versions

Unlike iOS, the Android platform is fragmented. Meaning, it is running on multiple devices and in different OS versions across the globe.

In such a scenario, hoping to build an application that goes live on all these devices and OS versions can surge the Android mobile app cost. So, bring your team on board, check for the devices and OS versions your target audience engages with, and then make your application for limited minimal devices and OS versions.

Outsource Your App Needs

When it comes to Android application development, Eastern nations provide impeccable services at a lower price when compared to the one quoted by Western countries. In such a scenario, outsourcing your app needs to Android app makers in India, and other such countries can be a profitable way to normalize the app price.

So, do not overlook the opportunity to outsource your mobile app needs.

Hire the Right App Development Company

When talking about Android application development companies, there are various firms that are interested only in making money. They demand a higher cost for delivering impeccable quality to their clients. Or they hand over the development project to freelancers and interns, which eventually increases the chances of app maintenance and updates. This again increases the application cost.

In such a scenario, looking into the right factors while hiring an Android app development company is also an effective way to cut down the app cost.

Use Open-Source Tools and Frameworks

In the Android ecosystem, there are various development tools and frameworks that are open-source and free to use. Meaning, you need not pay the license fee and other hidden prices to introduce them in your development process.

So, pick more of such open-source resources to get the same level of services and create your app for less.

Choose Agile Methodology

Another effective way to reduce the Android mobile app development cost is to choose Agile methodology.

Agile development methodology, unlike other processes, enable developers to effectively use the available resources, test every single module, and make changes in the existing application at any stage of development. This helps them to save time, effort, and costs that might have been involved in the process when building an application from scratch.

Build an MVP

Developing a fully-fledged application is not only a time-consuming and risky way to test the water but also a costly affair. This is because the mobile app development cost varies with the number of features and technologies you integrate into your app, size of the application, and more.

Now, in this scenario, when you confine your development process to the least possible app features and functionalities, i.e., to the MVP version, the app cost reduces significantly. Besides, the MVP app version also helps to raise money, when developed in the right way.

So, plan to invest your efforts into MVP development, rather than launching a full-fledged application.

Test Your App

It might seem strange, but testing your mobile application can help to reduce the Android mobile app cost.

This is because when you launch an application without testing it and it turns out to be full of bugs and errors, users begin to give negative feedback. This affects your market reputation and create an urgency of testing and updating your ‘already’ launched application. Something that demands more time and effort when compared to performing quality assurance process before launching your application and thus, building a perfect market presence. So, think about it.

Lowering the cost to make an Android application without compromising quality can be a tough task. But, by considering the aforementioned pointers, it is possible to some extent. So, look ahead to implementing these pointers into your app development process today.