How to Develop a Job Search Website Like Glassdoor

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One of the domains that have shifted online is recruitment. Glassdoor is a job board website that helps to simplify the employment process.

One of the domains that have shifted online is recruitment. Glassdoor is a job board website that helps to simplify the employment process.

In this article, we will figure out how to develop a website like Glassdoor.

What does a job board portal website mean?

A job search website is a web platform that enables searching for jobs and applicants for vacant positions.

Market leaders similar to Glassdoor are as follows:

  • Indeed,
  • Ziprecruiter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Fiverr,
  • Upwork,
  • Monster,
  • CareerBuilder,
  • JobStreet,
  • MadGex,
  • SmartJobBoard,
  • OneJobSlot.

Glassdoor overview

Glassdoor was founded in 2007 and was officially launched in 2008. In the beginning, it was challenging to receive the first reviews. So, the founders of Glassdoor asked acquaintances to leave reviews on the website. Thus, the Glassdoor website obtained its first 1000 reviews.

Nowadays, Glassdoor has 50 million reviews for over 1 million companies. By the way, the job search company received $204.5 million in total over ten rounds.

In 2020, Glassdoor established a partnership with Indeed.

How does Glassdoor earn an income?

Let’s find out how the Glassdoor job board is monetized.

Job posting. There are three packages for large and medium enterprises on the Glassdoor job board platform: Free, Standard, and Select. Each of them provides certain services to list jobs.

Job advertising. Glassdoor enables posting ads to draw attention to some listings by placing them higher in the feed. Job ads are included in premium packages.

Employer branding. This job portal’s service relates to how a specific company is presented. For example, employers can delete competitors’ ads, upload photos, and more.

How to develop a website like Glassdoor?

Define your value

There are plenty of job websites. But Glassdoor has solved the problem of transparency at the time of the hiring process.

Ratings and reviews enable people looking for jobs to discover the enterprises. Meanwhile, enterprises can respond to negative reviews and help employees with their issues.

If you have an idea for a marketplace similar to Glassdoor and want it implemented, we recommend you discover its potential value first. With our product discovery phase, you’ll know the potential of your project before investing time and money in it.

Select functionality

Glassdoor features for people who are seeking employment:    

Profile: The job seeker’s profile includes all necessary information that can be useful for employers.

Uploading resume: With the help of this function, users can upload their resumes to the website.

Job search tool: This function enables job seekers to see the company’s ratings and key information.

To personalize the search, Glassdoor included the following extensions in the job search tool:

  • Preferences, where a job seeker selects a particular company by work, location, and salary range.
  • Benefits that the companies can apply, such as work from home or paid sick leaves.
  • Job alert tool

When a person looking for a job enters the information about their location and position, Glassdoor sends them vacancies for choosing.

Know Your Worth tool: This feature enables finding out an employee’s salary range.

Company reviews: Based on such reviews, job seekers can form opinions about the chosen company.

Apply for a vacancy/contact a company: With the “Easy Apply” button, users can easily apply for the chosen job in one click.

Bookmarking: Workers can see an application history and save companies in favorites.

Features for employers:

Company profile: It outlines the primary information about the enterprise.

Posting jobs: This feature enables companies to post vacancies.

Responding to reviews: This feature enables handling the company reviews.

Search for job seekers: It enables viewing profiles of candidates and selecting the best one.

Review Intelligence: It is a good tool for getting statistics on the performance of the company.

Other technical aspects:

Application tracking system: This system enables recruiters to track the movement of an employee through the employment process.

Video interviewing: This feature assists in conducting online interviews speeding up the recruitment process.

Securit: Ensures protection for high volumes of personal data.

Search algorithms: The search algorithms help filter the resumes and speed up the search on sites.

Content optimization: Optimized website content is helpful for companies and people who are looking for a job.

Moderation: Good moderation is a must for a website like Glassdoor.

Pick building approach

You can build a job board website like Glassdoor with the help of a ready-made solution or order a custom marketplace development.

Use template-based software like WordPress when you need a simple solution. It is a good option if you’re limited in budget and wants to roll out quickly. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you are responsible for security, and scaling is impeded.

Definitely, custom software development will cost you more. However, custom solutions are easily scalable. They bring flexibility in making updates and allow adding advanced features. Moreover, custom development products are secure.

It is also essential to know the technologies when building a job board website.

Let’s see the Glassdoor technical stack:

  • Programming languages — Python, JavaScript, Java, Python, C lang, HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript framework — React.js, Emotion.js
  • Search — ElasticSearch
  • Application framework — Node.js, Express.js
  • Data query and access — Slick, Immutable.js
  • CDN & security network — Cloudflare

Design your website

Design is the first thing visitors pay attention to when entering your web platform.

Let’s see Glassdoor’s design principles.

  • Understandable message. Glassdoor-like sites apply a simple design. Such design outlines the structure and goal of a website.
  • Navigation. The job boards’ navigation should be intuitive and consistent, assisting users in moving between pages and categories.
  • Visuals. These tools assist in highlighting the website style.

How much does it cost to develop a Glassdoor-like website?

The approximate cost to build a Glassdoor-like website is $53,900.This cost above is applicable for companies from Eastern Europe, for instance, Ukraine. If you decide to cooperate with a development team located in Europe or the US, the price will be higher.


In this article, we have briefly discussed how to create a job search website like Glassdoor.

At Codica, we know how to deliver an intuitive and attractive web solution to grow your business. Check our portfolio and contact us to discuss your idea.

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