How to Develop On-Demand Food Delivery App like Uber Eats

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Want to know how to build a food delivery app like UberEats? Get a complete insight into how much it costs to build an app like UberEats.

With the increased use of smartphones and the Internet, the need for convenience in every aspect of life is increasing. Similar is the case with food. Now a day’s users prefer to eat delicious food from their favorite restaurant from the comfort of home. Especially in present times where social distancing is the necessity for preventing oneself and our loved ones from the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19).

As the demand for food delivery apps has increased so has an interest in the question of how to develop a food delivery app like Uber Eats. Depending on your target market and the number of service locations, the size of your app is decided, and based on it the best method of development is selected.

Here are common methods to develop a Food Delivery app like Uber Eats:

1. Custom Solution

If you wish to target a similar audience and in a large number of locations then the best option of development is to develop a completely customized solution. There are basically two options for developing a customized solution i.e.

· Develop a Freelance Team

· Hire a Professional Agency

Features in a Perfect on-demand Food delivery App

1. Push Notification for Important order and Promotion Updates

One of the important features required in a food delivery app is a push notification to the users who have installed the app on their devices. Push notification is for order updates or promotional updates as it entices users to use the offer and order food from the platform.

2. Loyalty Programs

To reward loyal customers for their loyalty towards the app it is advised to offer loyalty programs to the users. The loyalty programs can be availed on the number of users joined through the referral code of a particular user of how often a user orders food from the app.

3. Map API

The integration of the map API in a food delivery app is the most important requirement as the user should be able to track the order delivery in real-time and also the delivery boy should be able to use the navigation to reach the restaurant and the destination location. The map also uses user’s locations to show nearby restaurants for that location.

4. Multiple Payment Integration

There is regular up-gradation in technology for financial transactions to make it faster and secure. So the latest technology like UPI should also be offered along with Credit/Debit Cards and Internet Banking.

5. Social Media Platform Integration

Integration of social media with the food delivery app can be useful for quick user logins or to share reviews. The user should also be able to share restaurants with their friends or followers if they feel it is unique or offers the best food quality.

6. Reviews and Rating Feature

The user should be able to rate restaurants and the delivery boys after the order is successfully delivered. The user should also be able to rate the overall functionality of the app as it helps in improving the feature implementation in the app.

7. Advanced Search and Quick Order placement

The app should provide an advanced search feature that will let users search for restaurants, or any specific food, or around any specific location. This feature will help the user the food and the restaurant easily which will in turn result in quick order placement.

2. Food delivery app through Clone Script

If you wish to serve a specific small target audience or your service location is just for some number of cities then developing a food delivery app with the use of already developed clone app might be a suitable option. Developing an app with Clone Script is fast as you can launch the app in just a few days and also cost-effective for a small developer.

One of the major drawbacks of using a clone script is that it is not much customizable and also the quality of coding used is not up to the mark of excellence. To Develop a food delivery app through a clone script you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

· Select a Food Delivery App for your Clone (UberEats / Zomato / Swiggy)

· Carry out research and choose the best quality and price of clone from the internet.

· Purchase the clone

· Edit text as per your requirement

· Create the desired landing page

· Launch

The above-mentioned methods are the most popular ones for developing a food delivery app like Uber Eats. So choose the best method as per your requirement and the finance available for it and get going on the path of success.