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How to do E-Commerce SEO to Achieve the Top Ranking in SERP

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Every e-commerce site owner is looking for more business sales and traffic on site. Here are the best tips to do SEO for eCommerce business.

Ecommerce SEO refers to the process of making your online store more visible in the search engine result pages. There are two ways to achieve the targeted customers through paid and organic search, but SEO is less expensive than others.

Do you want to know how to rank your e-commerce site?

Every e-commerce site owner is looking for more business sales and traffic on site. If you want more people to find your products quickly, you need to make an effective eCommerce SEO packages that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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1. Appropriate Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in your e-commerce website that helps users to find the particular product you sell on the web. It is highly recommended to use the primary keyword in your product headline, description, Meta description, alternate image attributes, and subheadings. Before making the final selection of keywords, we need to know keyword search volume, competition, and what people are looking for when using that keyword.

2. Competitor Research

If you want to persist in competition, you need to analyze your competitors. Using the SEMrush marketing tool, you can determine what keywords your competitors are ranking for on both organic and paid search. You must check out your competitor landing page to use the specified keywords to optimize those pages.

3. On-Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites

  • Optimize your Meta titles, descriptions, and H1 tag
  • Optimize your URLs
  • Write unique product & category descriptions

4. Optimize Product Pages

Your e-commerce website pages are vital to your business, so you need to focus on optimizing them. Many eCommerce website owners write the few lines for product description and throw up an image or video. It becomes essential to add acceptable content that explains the product so that Google can find them.

5. Customer Reviews

If you want to grab the attention of targeted customers in your product, customer reviews are important to us. The review is an excellent tactic to improve the user experience on your website.

6. Reduce Page Load Speed

If you want better results on Google, page speed is essential to improve the user experience. If your website takes more time for loading, the user will move another site. It is highly recommended to remove any plugins or add-ons that bring your eCommerce business’s bottom line.

7. Image Size and Dimension

Larger images may take a longer time to load them. You can save your images as lower-quality JPG with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

8. Create Quality Backlinks for Your Website

It is another ranking factor that boosts your website in SERP.