How to Find Keywords for Your Amazon Product Listing in 2020

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Amazon Sellers role is to find the best suitable keywords for the products that they sell.

Important keywords are a tool to get the right viewers and precisely speaking, the money. If you forget or mistakenly miss the important keywords in your Amazon Product listing it will not appear in the search results.

If your product does not appear in the search results, you get fewer organic rankings and views, you will regret that later because it will affect your sales and gives you financial loss.

Amazon Keyword Research:

Before discussing Amazon listing optimization or keyword research, let’s discuss what keyword research is.

“Keyword research means to find out all the product relevant phrases or term costumers usually type to search the required product.”

When it comes to Amazon product listing, keyword research is a fundamental part of Amazon listing optimization or optimized search on Amazon. You must include all the relevant keywords to your listing to get the right number of the audience.

Keyword Research Influences Sales on Amazon!

We know that the proper keyword research influences the rate of sales on amazon because when your listing has all the relevant keywords people use to search for your product, it will be more visible and get more sales.

On the other hand, when you don’t have the right number of keywords, you won’t get the right viewers nor the sales.

Getting all the required and necessary keywords is the ultimate goal of all sellers on Amazon to enhance their sales and make more money.

Here are some important strategies for keyword research that will help you out in making a well-optimized listing and make your product more visible via search results than before. But you should conduct your keyword research in a systematic pattern, it will help you to find all the important keywords.

Systematic Keyword Research

Systematic keyword research comprises to find all types of keywords. Keywords are generally classified into two groups to omit the mistake of forgetting important keywords:

  • Primary Keywords
  • Secondary Keywords

Primary keywords are the core words that describe your product like fitness ball, recliner chair, noise cancellation headphones, etc.

Secondary keywords are the generalized words related to your product like sports items, relaxing home chairs, effective noise-free equipment, etc.

Terminology needed to understand in keyword research:

There are some important terminologies you must be aware of when doing keyword research to get a sufficient amount of all these terms in your Amazon product listing.

Keyword: A single word related to a product is considered a keyword

Phrase: A sentence (multiple words together) related to a product

Search Term: It can a keyword or phrase that people type on Amazon Search Bar

Long Tail Keyword: A phrase longer than 3 words

Short Tail Keyword: A phrase comprising of 2 words

Exact Match: The exact word in listing that people use in the search bar. Like Shoe Rack.

Phrase Match: A slightly exact word in listing that people use in the search bar. Like Rack shoes in the search bar and Shoe rack in listing.

Broad Match: A search term that means in the same way as a customer finds. Like Rack of shoes in the search bar and shoe rack in listing

Gadgets and techniques to get the right keywords:

Some important gadgets and techniques that you can go through to get all the fundamental and important keywords for your Amazon Product Listing.

  • Personal Research and Analysis
  • Amazon Autocomplete
  • Amazon Suggested Items
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Thesaurus

Personal Research and Analysis

Put yourself in the customer’s place and think about what will you type if you will need that product. It is a metaphorically good thing to do.


Brainstorm the words and questions that are search concerned and also get the community common names to improve the keywords.

Competitive Research

Type these keywords on the Amazon and get the idea from the search results. Look at their titles, bullet points, product descriptions and images they put.

This will give you the idea of how your competitors are selling the products and which keywords are they using to be on the top of the list.

Successful sellers always read their competitors deeply.

Extract the Keyword Reviews

Review mining or extracting means to find the product associated words. It helps to understand the customer’s language that helps in Listing optimization.

If you do it with a deep eye you will find the exact words and phrases that customers type to get the right product. If you use these keywords in your listing assignment that will convince more customers to buy your product.

Refine and Calculate the Keywords

when the first draft of keywords is ready you can proceed to optimize your listing with the worthy keywords.

Amazon Autocomplete

Amazon search bar itself works as a keyword research tool. You might have noticed that it tries to complete the sentence when you write something on it, These words are the possible keywords that are associated with your product.

These phrases or words are those possible words people used to search related items because amazon knows what people usually search.

Important note: When you open the Amazon to search the keywords, make sure to use the incognito tab so that the browser could not use your past searches for new product suggestions.

This function does not give random suggestions. Amazon suggests the most relevant content. This method is an appropriate way to get the important keywords for your product.

Amazon Suggested Items

When you open a search result it will also give the related or suggested items for a particular search term. This can help you a lot.

You can also add the related terms of the products that can be used with your products to appear in the suggested or related items, It improves the selling rate because usually buy related products together.

For example: If they are buying a shoe polish there is an approximate chance they will buy a brush together.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are here to help you out in doing extensive keyword research and making a well-optimized content. You can write the product name or function to get the keywords, you can apply various filters according to your requirements. It varies from search volume to amazon’s choice etc.

It saves you time and more easy than self-analysis and research or other methods of keyword research.

AMZ Word SPY is Amazon Keyword Tool. It can give you a clear idea regarding keyword research.


Thesaurus is a keyword resource, it is not commonly used but it helps a lot in optimizing the Amazon Listing and SEO. If your product has more than one name or differently used in some context than thesaurus is a good option.

Things to keep in mind:

While using thesaurus remember to use common misspellings in backend search terms to enhance the chances of appearing in the search results.

  • Use singular and plural forms of synonyms.
  • Use all the words that are associated with the item.


Keyword research provides you a list that acts as a stair to get the top of the market. If your keyword research covers all relevant words and customer’s language. It will be considered a properly optimized listing.