How to Get Found as a Dispensary: Local Search for Cannabis Retailers


Setting up shop is hard enough, being found is a challenge itself.

Dispensary SEO and Web Design

No market can thrive without a strong e-commerce presence. It is incumbent on any business to optimize the buying experience. To succeed, the product, price and purchase ability mustbe placed in front of the customer so that the decision to buy is both swift and actionable.

Simply put, the success of your cannabis business relies on growing commerce with the right website and marketing.

Thrive in Local

Dispensary Web Design

Every cannabis customer is unique. Whether they’re baby boomers, the over-40 crowd, or a younger base of 18 to 25-year-olds, you should have a beautiful and engaging website just for them.

That’s where we come in. We can help you implement many different styles: a high-end vibe, a modern and polished feel, or even just something simple – we can do it all.

Dispensary SEO

It’s all about local SEO for dispensaries to increase the visibility of your business appearing first in search results. Our local SEO strategies are both, universal -following the best practices and unique – specific to strengths and weaknesses of your dispensary. We optimize your website to and target the most likely cannabis leads in your local area and convert them into your customers.

Dispensary Branding

We want to build your cannabis business into more than just a dispensary or a marijuana service. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for your customers that keeps them coming back. To accomplish it, we do everything from logo creation, social media management, brand awareness, and so much more.

Cannabis Market

The cannabis industry is a highly competitive space. The rapid progression of medical and recreational laws throughout the country is a great opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of it, weed out your competition.

Capture and Convert

Sapling has the industry vision and experience to create an impactful website and implement effective SEO strategies.

We will craft an innovative web design that caters to the consumer that you target.
We aim to convert visitors into loyal customers through an enjoyable website experience.
We will help drive local visitors to your dispensary with regional SEO strategies.

Homegrown. Local First

Impactful Presence

The competition between marijuana dispensaries, growers, doctors, and other businesses is intense. However, the majority of cannabis-related businesses are not using the true power of design and marketing to their advantage. At Sapling, we believe that by leveraging website design and SEO strategies, we can help you connect to your local audience and grow your dispensary business.