How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of Your Website

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How To Increase The Domain Authority Of Your Website. Publish some really good quality content. On-Page SEO & Internal Linking is key factor.

How To Increase Domain Authority (DA) Of Your Website

With millions of web pages existing on the same broad topics, how do search engines decide which result will feature at the top? Of course, it depends on your exact query but even then there are certain parameters that eventually decide how web pages will finally rank in search engine results.

With the Search Engine Optimization revolution, it is quite important to keep track of the parameters that give websites their proper places in the grand scheme of search results. One such parameter is Domain Authority.

Developed by the SEO pioneers – MOZ, Domain Authority (DA) assigns a score that predicts the rank of a web page in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The Domain Authority score ranges from 0-100. Higher the score better is the webpage’s ability to rank. MOZ has their own algorithm that calculates the DA score based on a host of complex factors- both onsite and offsite. Nevertheless, it is based on three important factors that include – Age, Popularity, and Size.

A new website, for instance, will have a score of 0 and sites with high authority will have a score above 50. This score becomes a useful metric for digital marketers to gauge the quality of a website. The score may fluctuate at some point in time. So how actually can you increase the DA score?

Ways to Increase your Domain Authority Score

As mentioned above, your Domain Authority can fluctuate over time. However, if your score is constantly increasing, the fluctuation is negligible. So it makes sense, for the sake of Search Engine Optimization, to increase your Domain Authority.

Below are a few ways which can help you increase your DA score:

On-Site Factors

First and foremost, maintain a user-friendly site and then concentrate on your on-site optimizations. Moreover, use text links throughout the site but keep the average number of links within a limit. Also, don’t forget to cut off link diluters. Use relevant keywords and variations of your main keywords. Permalinks are also an integral part of your on-site optimization and should be kept short and relevant. Lastly, make sure your site is fast enough.


No wonder it is said that ‘Content is king.’ Always try to focus on the quality than the quantity and create something unique. Do your research well and make the content as detailed as possible. After that, concentrate on promoting the said content (content marketing). Use various social media platforms and even paid promotion or influencers if required. Make content promotion an important part of your daily schedule. Moreover, don’t forget to use your precious content to build links across platforms and connect with various websites.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the best ways to get the maximum exposure for your website or brand. These platforms are a great way to garner the right kind of audience for your website. Thus, it is imperative to create profiles on various social media platforms and even promote your presence through Social Media Marketing. To increase your authority on these platforms, try to gain more and even well-known followers. Also, put links to your guest blogs in these social media profiles and don’t forget to leverage viral content to bring in more followers.


As long as some concrete branding strategies aren’t put in place, it is highly unlikely that your website will get the kind of traction you are targeting in the first place. Branding will make sure that people associate your site with the kind of content you are known to produce. As more and more people are exposed to your content, it is easier to get high-quality backlinks. It is hence important to build better brand engagement over time. Creating good quality content that people come back to, responding to audience queries, being featured in leading media platforms are a few ways to do so.

These are a few broad ways in which you can increase your websites DA. However, it is imperative to have patience so that your domain can grow old. Otherwise, hiring Digital Marketing experts are a good way to get your SEO in order and impact your domain authority for the better.