How to Increase Sales on Your Site

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Exploring a successful eCommerce website marketing strategy is the first step to increase sales on your site.

Many eCommerce stores appear to generate a wide array of sales daily, but some store owners are disappointed with their tally. Everyone wants to know how to get more deals, but there is no steadfast rule to achieve more business. There are many variables, such as the type of eCommerce store, your customer base, and how you operate. Exploring a successful eCommerce website marketing strategy is the first step to increase sales on your site.

Find Popular Products

The base of any successful eCommerce site is the products they offer for sale.  Ideally, the store should provide items that are popular to increase sales. If you are wondering about popular products, then you can always check out Google trends. Once you have a good inventory, you will want to provide discounts and exclusive offers to your clients. Many eCommerce sites cater to the season and offer a limited supply of certain items to fit the holidays and then create a marketing strategy that focuses on those items. Remember, eCommerce has become a hyper-competitive marketplace, so you will need a unique high demand product with an optimized pricing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Improve User Experience

When customers visit your eCommerce site, it should be easy to use. The visitor to your site should know your focus within the first three seconds of landing on the site. They should also experience an easy-to-navigate site that helps them narrow their search down quickly. Most shoppers have an extremely limited attention span, so you want the user experience to be quick, easy, and fulfilling. Users should have automatic trust and confidence in the site.

Here are just a few ways to improve the user’s experience.

  • Ample product information on products
  • Easy to read the return policy
  • Information clearly showing that all credit card information is secure

Improve Page Load Speed

Page load speeds are often overlooked, but people are not patient. If the page loads slow, then the user will likely navigate away and lose interest. With Google, fast page loads are imperative because they will show a higher number of ads, and the user will end up reading more content. The longer a user is on the page, the greater the likelihood they will purchase.

Use Attractive Banners and Images

The eCommerce site must look visually attractive to grab the attention of a visitor. Images and banners matter and add a nice touch to the whole user experience. The product images and descriptions should be appealing. Also, navigation on the page should always be easy and yet creative.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is a valuable tool to spur action and make a customer engage with the business. It is geared towards creating leads and sales. Customers receive an interesting email promoting one of your products, a sale, or a discount. They will then visit your website to find the product.  Once on your site, they want to quickly see the product’s price and not have to search extremely far. Once they look at the product, they will then make the purchase. This is an example of a great digital marketing strategy.

Use Ads in WhatsApp, iMessage, Etc

Since its launch in 2018, WhatsApp has grown and expanded its capabilities. The same is true of iMessage, Snapchat, and other similar services. Using ads on such apps for phone marketing is a great way to reach a wide array of would-be clients. The navigation from such apps is not always necessary because in-app purchases and payments are easy. Shoppers can use their smart devices to shop and make purchases quickly.

Make Ads in Social Media

Any eСommerce website marketing strategy needs to make use of social media ads. It is hard in the eCommerce realm to stand out from the giants like Amazon. One of the best ways to advertise is to focus on social media advertising. According to Statista, 30% of social media users made a purchase online via social media. When you look at the fact that 60 percent of all shoppers regularly buy online, you can see that social media purchases make up to 50% of all eCommerce sales. The impressive percentage is a definite reason why any marketing strategy focuses on Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok.


If your goal is to boost your sales then the first step is to implement a strong eCommerce website strategy. The above suggestions are excellent starting points to form a firm foundation for any effective marketing strategy.