How to Manage a Fintech Marketing Budget

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Financial Technology evolves rapidly, and so should your fintech marketing budget.

What Is Fintech?

Financial Technology, or Fintech, is in truth a fairly broad term. To most people it encapsulates all financial technologies, such as banking applications and programs, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, and all other forms of digital financial services. However, as technology evolves, so will fintech applications and services. So, it’s understandable why the word fintech can conjure so many different images and concepts in peoples’ minds.


How to Manage a Fintech Marketing Budget

Managing a fintech marketing budget may sound much less approachable than other marketing budgets, but that is not actually the case. A good marketing plan will rely on some core elements that do not change depending on the material being marketed. We will focus on these core elements in this article and lay out the best way to utilize your fintech marketing budget.


Optimize Your Fintech Marketing

If you want to gain the most from your marketing budget, you need to be sure your marketing plan is optimized correctly for your fintech app, your audience, and your brand presence.

The first critical point in optimizing your fintech marketing plan is to build and maintain brand and domain (website) authority. Brand authority is by far the most important, yet abstract, element for any business to develop. However, once you’ve determined and established your brand identity, then you can figure out how to integrate that presence into your website’s authority. Become the thought leader for your brand, and industry niche within fintech. Write articles sharing your knowledge of fintech, about your brand/company and what you do, or various other topics that are relevant to your business. The more articles you write that are deemed valuable by both your audience and search engines, the greater your domain authority will become.

Another important element of managing your fintech marketing budget properly is to utilize social media in the way that best suits your fintech business and your audience. If you’re not likely to maintain an Instagram account and share photos/videos, then consider using Facebook or Twitter to share relevant written content with your audience. Overall, in order to best utilize the social media platforms, you must understand where your brand and content fits best, and where it can reach your audience effectively.

The final element of managing your fintech marketing budget well is to get creative with your content types. If written content is getting stale, and reader numbers are dropping, consider producing new forms of content such as videos or podcasts. In the era of social media, it’s harder and harder to get your audience to click on your content, and even more difficult to get them to read it. Therefore, educational video content or brand-building videos are likely to be more effective. Podcasts are also extremely popular, especially in the demographics that are more likely to want to learn about fintech apps and services, so it would be smart to consider if Podcasting would be valuable to your brand and audience. When it comes to content, it’s important to stay creative, and have fun while creating.


Hire a Fintech Marketing Agency on TDA

If you’re still wondering how to manage a fintech marketing budget, consider hiring one of the many fintech agencies on TDA. Or, if you’d like to read a related article, check out “Fintech Trends to Watch.”