How to Plan a Startup Marketing Strategy and Not Fail

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Ninety percent of startups fail, which could be due to a lack of experience or poor marketing planning. Let’s find out how to plan a marketing strategy correctly.

JetSoftPro has created the perfect scenario for the successful marketing of a startup. Here are 9 key steps you need to know.

1. Determine your marketing goals.

2. Define your target audience.

3. Prepare an information field.

4. Find brand ambassadors for your startup.

5. Collect feedback from the first customers.

6. Think about content marketing for your startup.

7. Organize a PR campaign to increase buzz around the launch of your startup.

8. Prepare marketing materials.

9. Remember to generate content on a daily basis.

Sounds familiar to you? Check out JetSoftPro’s article, and find more information about practical steps to perfect your startup’s marketing launch and get your marketing budget right.