How to Take Your E-Commerce Business to the Next Level

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What is an e-commerce business? It is a combination of a great online store, high-quality products, great customer support and smart marketing.

Don’t skip this article if you don’t have an online store yet. Even if you are about to build your platform, you’ll find it useful.

Is your website up-to-date?

Options of e-commerce platforms on the market are endless. You can have your website build with Shopify, Prestashop or even Wix – depending on how complex you want your website to be. Also, you can always build a custom online store. But the choice of technology is secondary. What’s most important is how well your website is functioning. Before grooming your online store any further, make sure it’s running seamlessly.

Does your store look appealing?

Right after you make sure your website is bugs-free, you gotta analyze its appearance. There are plenty of e-commerce sites. And the only way to attract a passerby to your page, stay and browse through your products and eventually purchase something is to have good branding.

So how to stand out from other e-commerce companies?

Update your product images. 65% of the population are visual learners. Therefore, they will most likely be attracted by your product’s appearance first. Yet, if the image isn’t appealing, you’ll lose potential customers. Make sure your catalogues are pretty and neat;

Brush up your logo. Hire a professional graphic designer to help you with the logo. And remember to align it with the general style of your website.

Redesign your website. In some cases, updating product images and the logo should be enough. Though if your website looks like it needs a new design, don’t hesitate to update it. Again, 65% of all people are better at perceiving the world visually. You want to make sure your website is appealing to 65% of all visitors, right?

Now, it’s time for SEO optimization

If you look up ‘latest e-commerce trends’ on Google, SEO will be in the top 3. And the thing with SEO, it’s always changing and evolving. Search engines always update their policies, therefore, there are always new SEO e-commerce trends.

To make it to the top 3 search results on Google, you gotta checkmark the following:

Make sure your keywords are relevant. Make sure that your target audience can find your business by including hand-picked keywords in both your website’s content and product descriptions.

Organize your website architecture. One of the core benefits of an e-commerce business is convenient shopping. And is if you had an offline store and you would want to make it easy for the customers to walk around, you should make their browsing experience categorized and organized.

Technical SEO optimization. Hire an SEO specialist to optimize your website. Implement schema markup, clean up URLs, make sure your website is HTTPS, make sure your pages are error-free, etc. Well, a high-end SEO specialist will make sure to follow all the SEO guidelines.

Arrange the internal links. Strategical linking of pages from high-authority to high-priority product and category pages is typically and automatically done on your homepage and blog page. We suggest you also link product pages either with breadcrumb navigation or by including the ‘related products’ section.

Add social media ‘share’ buttons. This is a simple and free method to promote your products. If you still don’t have them – add them.

Update and optimize your images. Beautiful images is always a competitive advantage for all the types of e-commerce businesses. Checkmark if your images are good-looking, properly sized and tagged and also open on a new page.

Make sure your e-commerce service is optimized for mobile screens. 34% of traffic on e-commerce sites comes from mobile devices. Besides that, after Google announced it’s ‘mobile-first indexing’ policy in March 2020, it became almost impossible to be found on Google if your website is web only.

It’s safe to say that the strategies above work for all types of e-commerce. We suggest taking your e-commerce business to a whole new level thoroughly and step-by-step. Preferably, with a help of top-notch specialists.

And if you have any questions left or need a hand in improving (or developing from scratch!) your e-commerce website – feel free to reach us at any time.

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