How to Target the Right Audience Online?

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Website and social media followers are the conditions sine qua none these days, if you want to grow your business. But the fact that everyone knows about the importance of having an online presence makes it hard to stand out of the crowd and even harder to convince your visitors that you are unique.

In 4 Simple Digital Marketing Tactics for Art Organizations, you’ll see how to use Facebook as a powerful tool to attract your audience. From connecting with clients on a personal level to using Ads Manager for collecting leads. Getting the right audience online will not only allow you to engage with them in a meaningful way but also increase visits to your shop and sales. Here are few tips on how to attract the right audience online.

Narrow your focus

You will first need to search your potential customers and by doing that, start by asking the right questions related to your audience .

What books/magazines/newspapers does your ideal customer read? What event do they attend or have already attended? What websites do they frequent? Where do they live? What tools do they use when searching for similar products? What’s completely unique about this group?

Really know your audience, so you can connect your content and products that speaks to their desires, needs, and interests. Don’t get greedy, it’s not about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching the right people.

For instance if you represent an art gallery in London looking to invite potential art collectors to your contemporary exhibition event, you might want to create your audience group based on your specific exhibition. Start searching online who is passionate about the artist and similar artists followers you can connect with, look at the medium and finally focus local! That way, you’ll reach people who are seriously interested in your event.


Conduct polls, surveys. ask them question using social media. Be genuinely interested in them. This helps you determine if you’re targeting the right people. Once you have done enough research, understood your audience then you are ready to communicate with them. At Iseona, we can offer you audience insights, build killer campaigns for your business using latest technology.

One more thing, have you thought about joining groups on Facebook? This will allow you to provide knowledge and genuine expertise to other users. Additionally it will give you the ability to flourish with forward-thinking members while growing your personal network at the same time.