How to Use Blogging as a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Blogging is a great way to market your business. Learn here how you can use blogging as a digital marketing strategy.

What Is Blog Marketing?

The word blog was basically a combination of 2 words – ‘web’ and ‘blog’ – before being abbreviated to blog. When blogs were first introduced, people would generally narrate their lives and everything happening around them. Now blogging covers all kinds of topics such as food, health, lifestyle, and education.

Lots of business-minded people and aspiring entrepreneurs understood the importance of blogging in digital marketing and started to use it as an effective method of providing interested people information and advice about their products and businesses so to increase their number of clients. Blogging in Pakistan, although not as extensive as in other countries, is rapidly gaining popularity.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to use blogging in Pakistan as a digital marketing strategy.

Effective Strategies for Successful Blogging

1. Estimate the Cost Before Starting Your Blog

We advise that you make a budget for your blog. Even though it does not cost a lot, there is obviously a price associated with everything. A few things that will require money are:

  • A good laptop. Chances are you already have one if you are thinking of starting a blog. But for greater efficiency, you could get a more powerful laptop with more memory and a faster processor.
  • Website hosting
  • Social media advertising
  • Creating videos
  • A good camera to get good pictures with great lighting and visual effects.
  • Plugins

Most importantly though, blogging will take a lot of your time, so that is what you have to worry about the most. You need to allot a specific length of time to blogging and decide how much time you can dedicate to blogging.

Many bloggers in Pakistan do this as a side job so they need to manage their time accordingly.

A few months after starting your blogging business, you will probably need to start increasing the amount of time given to your blogging. So be prepared for that.

2. Do You Know Your Target Audience and What Social Media They Most Active On?

Now that you have allotted a specific budget to your blogging, you need to start researching on the audience you want to attract and the kind of topics they would be interested in and the marketing channels having the best impact. You need to see the statistics and decide that. A few common marketing channels are Email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

If your audience likes what you have to write, you will in turn get more money by getting more ads and other means and will also build your reputation. So if you r website becomes renowned, people will come back for more of your stuff.

3. What Are You Thinking to Achieve Through Your Content?

Before you finally start writing, you need to decide what your goals are. Do you want to write blogs to spread awareness? Or for some product that you need to sell? Or a comparison between brands? Or perhaps something about self-health?

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your audience?
  • What is their problem?
  • What are the problems they want a solution to?
  • Where do they go to address their problems as of now?
  • Where in the buying process do they stand as of now?

If after research, you get to know they want comparisons for a product, write about that. Or, if they want to know the benefits and shortcomings of a product, write about that instead.

4. Now, Start Writing!

Start writing your content. Focus on your audience’s problems, giving your own opinions on the matter as well. Write facts but give viewers advice as well as they are also looking to make a decision. And what you have to say will also impact their thought process and final decision.

Set a tone or theme for your blog. So that people who know who you are and can differentiate between you and other content creators. Tell them what is different in your content and how you are distinguishable from everyone else. This is important as this makes you unique and impacts people more when they think they know whose content they are reading and feel that they can connect with you.

Make a schedule beforehand and stick to it. Do not fall short of your deadlines. Also, tell your readers about the next blog post and some interesting detail about it in your current blog post. This way, their interest will not waiver and they will not forget about it. You can also email them when your new post is up.

Also, make polls or posts to ask the audience about their topics of interest and to keep in the loop. Constantly update yourself with changing trends and topics to not be left behind and to keep the readers engaged.

Set a different word limit for every post. There is no one limit for anything. Write enough to get your point across without your audience losing interest in your post.

Blogging in Pakistan is easy and can be profitable if you make a road map and follow it. Do not start anything abruptly and without research and you’ll be good. Good luck!