How To Use Massliking and Massfollowing on Instagram Correctly?

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Increasing activity and ER (% of engagement), we decided to try all available solutions and were pleasantly surprised.

We believe that our task is to provide the business with the shortest path to business goal realization. Faced with the task of increasing activity and ER (% of engagement), we decided to try all available solutions and were pleasantly surprised.

Massliking is an excellent tool for business purposes such as:

  • Increasing audience engagement;
  • Subscriber base reactivation;
  • Attracting new engaged subscribers;
  • Improving overall reach;
  • Increasing brand loyalty (or to a specific news feed).

IMPORTANT: with the correct selection of the target audience for the subscription base and compliance with the limits, your project can receive an increase of up to + 30% ER post/month and more than + 50% of mutual interactions on the activity of your profile.

What results can be achieved?

If you have correctly collected the list of users of your target audience and your account has interesting content, then the response should be like this:

  • From 20% to 40% of mutual likes;
  • From 15% to 50% of mutual subscriptions;
  • From 5% to 15% of mutual comments.

This tool will allow you not only to get the first subscribers for your business account but also the ability to get up to +2000 new subscribers/month with the right target audience;

Read our ADINDEX guide to the end to get the big picture and start enjoying all the benefits of these tools.

Massliking & Massfollowing. Instructions

Selection of target accounts for collecting subscriber bases

BY SUBSCRIBERS. This feature allows you to collect subscribers or subscriptions for specific accounts. They can be bloggers, competitors, or groups.

Subscribers are those who follow the person.
Subscriptions are those that the person is following.

Usually, subscribers are the ones who are parsed. For example, you need an audience that is interested in a business topic. You take Instagram accounts like “Business Youth” or famous business trainers and parse (collect) their subscribers. If these people subscribed to specific accounts, then they are your target audience.

To start collecting, indicate the logins (nicknames) of the necessary people without @ (at sign) at the beginning of the login;

“What accounts to collect” function. If you select “Public only”, the tool will gather for you only those people with public accounts. And private – who has hidden all the photos.

IMPORTANT: you should choose accounts not only from competing firms but also from related ones. Typically, the largest% of reciprocal actions from the audience are accounts that provide information about self-development, blogger accounts, NL networkers, and business accounts. Focus on accounts with a high number of comments – this is really important.

COLLECTING AN ACTIVE AUDIENCE. One of the most helpful features. The program will gather a hot audience that is not only subscribed to this or that user but is also active.

For example, if you want to sell cosmetics, then you need to look for beauty bloggers.

When you collect all subscribers, some of them could have subscribed yesterday and someone a year ago, and some may no longer be interested in a particular blogger and blog topic.

The results will be completely different if you collect the audience that has liked in the last days. This audience will be hotter, and the conversion with it will be higher.

SEARCH BY GEOLOCATION. You should use it if your client is a classic business or a business tied to a location.

For example, your client is a recently opened cafe, your target audience, in this case, are solvent people who already visit similar establishments (preferably next to your client’s establishment). So it turns out that it is most logical to interact with this audience or part of it because they are the hot target audience.

Also, the function is suitable for promoting personal and brand accounts, which have a broad target audience – a city, district, settlement (museum, monument).

IMPORTANT: save each audience you collect in a separate txt file with the names like username from which it was parsed/date of parsing/audience type (by tags, by subscribers, active, hot).

Saving audiences in this format will allow you to know which accounts you have interacted with and, if necessary, create new interactions.

How to choose a hot target audience with a high response rate?


After the audience has already been collected in some ways (by subscribers, tags, geo), select the most active audience, which is HOT.

The criterion for high activity of such an audience is a recently published post and constant activity, as well as the number of subscriptions and subscribers.

To sort the audience, you should use the following filters inside the software for promotion:
(almost all programs support these functions in different sections)

  • Number of subscribers: from 300 to 1.5 thousand;
  • Number of subscriptions: from 300 to 1,000;
  • Last post: not older than three days (you can risk putting one day, there will be few accounts, but this is the most active audience that uses Instagram every day);
  • Number of posts: from 50 to 2 thousand;

By observing such settings, you can sort out inactive users from active ones and insolvent ones from those interested in buying on Instagram.

Subscription to TA accounts. How to do this profitably and effectively?

First of all, follow the rules and subscribe to a hot audience, then the question of feedback (activity) and an increase in ER (engagement rate) will disappear by themselves.

Another “trick” that will increase the% of reverse activity

When you set a task to subscribe to any audience (unless it contradicts the company’s conviction or your karma) – do not be greedy, put 3-5 likes for every user you subscribed to.

Be careful: to not accidentally like from your corporate account (if audience loyalty is dear to you) on not very decent or just funny photos, put a filter on which posts to like (by the number of likes, dates, etc.).

How to set up the filter correctly?

  • Likes per post: from 30 to 500 (we filter out bloggers and losers);
  • To like random posts/most popular.

With such settings, your account will better simulate the behavior of a living person, which means two important things:

1. You will interest the person you subscribed to as much as possible.
2. You will secure your account from Instagram blocking.

Daily subscription limit: from 200 to 1000

Don’t go headlong, don’t subscribe to 1000 people a day.

The optimal number of subscriptions per day:

  • For personal accounts – 400/day.
  • For corporate accounts – 300/day.
  • Pause between subscriptions and likes.
  • The interval between likes: from 12 to 63 seconds;
  • Subscription interval: from 25 to 97 seconds;

IMPORTANT: in no case exceed the limits, do not forget to pause. The more random the numbers (within limits specified in the instructions), the lower the risk that the Instagram algorithm will calculate your bot activity.
If you find an audience whose feedback rate is off-scale to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time, take fewer pauses (but not less than the minimum in the instructions).

Unsubscribe. How not to “hurt the sensitive ones” and not lose your audience

There are two basic rules to remember:

1. Unsubscribe from non-reciprocal subscriptions three days after subscribing, but from reciprocal subscriptions (subscribed in response) in at least seven days.
2. If you can afford it, stay subscribed to at least those who comment on your posts.

By observing these two rules, you can avoid negativity about your corporate and personal profiles.

IMPORTANT: observe the time intervals for both subscribing and unsubscribing so you won’t get banned for any actions.

To increase the engagement rate in your profile, you should perform basic actions for interacting with the audience:

  • like their posts;
  • leave not typical comments, but better, with a question (?);

Parse an active audience weekly and give each active user two to five likes, observing the action limits.

  • Likes on the post: from 30 to 500;
  • To like random posts/most popular;
  • For personal accounts: 500/day;
  • For corporate: 400/day;
  • The interval between likes: 8 to 51 seconds;

IMPORTANT: study the current software, and if it allows you to set up auto-direct (greeting each new subscriber in your account) or send comments (preferably a comment with a question to create a mini-discussion), then use them to increase the engagement rate in your account, but don’t forget about the limits.