How Watch Stores Build Their Marketing

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Here are some tips on which ad campaigns to run on social media if you’re selling watches and similar accessories.

Interesting fact

Recently the website published the TOP-3 of the most popular watch brands in Ukraine. The first place got the Casio brand. The second – was Tissot and the third was the Diesel trademark.

How to make SMM for a watch store

Ilya Korzhikov, Senior SMM at ADINDEX: “Social network users are increasingly choosing accounts with a small number of active subscribers.”

Here are some tips on which ad campaigns to run on social media if you’re selling watches and similar accessories. And also, I share life hacks about content for social networks.

Advertising campaigns

For a high-quality presence in social networks, the watch business needs at least the following advertising campaigns:

  • Engagement for posts (to increase the number of interactions within the account and increase the involvement of existing subscribers)
  • Traffic to your Instagram account (in order to gather an audience that is partial to your brand and business)
  • Video promotion (to gather a newly interested audience that has watched a video about a product or brand at a point of 50% or more)
  • Conversions on the site (suitable for working with a warmed audience that needs to be encouraged to buy)
  • Lead generation, the generation of leads in lead forms (must be used with a short-term profitable USP and a product to generate a new target audience base or to reactivate an old target audience whose LTV has come to an end)
  • Selling merchandise from the catalog – dynamic remarketing (suitable for completing a purchase on the site)

Audiences and segmentation

  • It is worth using all possible data for advertising campaigns: databases of phone numbers, emails, and the number of purchases for different brands.
  • To start a funnel and selling campaign, you should use a vast audience with a step in the age of 6-9 years, brand interests, and GEO location of the target audience. The customization of the target audience allows you to reach a larger audience while spending less budget on displaying ads.

Interesting lifehacks

Initially, it is worth dividing content into promoted and non-promoted.

For all publications that you do not intend to promote, you should do it in a looping short video format of 3-5 seconds or a ring gallery format.

This solution helps to get the maximum number of free interactions with content (scrolling the photo gallery, watching videos, repeated views), which in turn has a positive effect on the ranking of the account’s content in the subscribers’ feed.

Achieve as many interactions as possible across all content formats.

Already, from the experience of many influencers and business accounts, we can confidently conclude about the benefits of interactions in Stories and other micro-actions within your account.

At least eight of these micro-interactions have a positive impact on the ranking of your account:

  1. Transitions from publications (feed) to account
  2. Transitions from Stories to account
  3. Saving publications
  4. Clicks on the “more ..” button
  5. Answering polls in Stories
  6. Vote marks
  7. Interactions with stickers
  8. Photo/video gallery scrolling

The number of subscribers no longer influences the choice of the buyer that much.

More and more, the trend is developing for accounts with a small number of subscribers (up to ten thousand), while with an involved, clearly live audience (they actively like and comment on the content).

Users are increasingly making a choice in favor of less popular accounts, following the logic: “The smaller the brand, the more loyal it is to the buyer, the lower the markup on the product, the more chances for human support and quality service, product.”

How to make the email newsletters for a watch store

Artem Fokin, SendPulse Marketer: “In mass mailings, you need to know when to stop and also combine content.”

Collection of contact database

Collecting the database is an essential element of starting communication with the client. All email strategies include this element, and it is vital to find triggers that are important for customers because a regular subscription to a newsletter or a promise to send news will be ineffective.

Content options that can work in watch retail:

Personal promotional code for a discount

If a client is on your site and does not choose anything, it would be logical to offer him a personal promotional code for a discount on the first purchase.

Track price

Provides the ability to track price changes by email notification. Thus, if a client is interested in a particular watch model, this is a great way to get his email.

Closed club (new items, closed promotions)

A great way to collect contacts can be a subscription under the guise of joining a community, whose members you promise discounts, useful materials, and other goodies. This method is suitable for both email and instant messengers.

Subscription form on the blog

If you have useful content (reviews, watch collections, top 5), you can place a subscription form with a call to receive such content by mail right under each such article.

Automatic mailing series

You can divide automatic messages into several types:

Welcome series

It is aimed at warming up the client, processing objections, or motivating them to make a purchase. In such mailings, you can suggest how to choose the right watch model or category. Handle the client’s objections, and allay his fears. In the case of a chatbot, it can clarify preferences and redirect to the appropriate pages of the site or conduct a quiz survey.

Transactional notifications

These are order-related notifications: abandoned carts, order accepted, delivery, feedback collection letter.

An after-sales message series; allows you to increase loyalty and repeat orders. In such letters, you can specify what may be engaging in future sales, and remind you of the loyalty program, and cashback.

Bulk mailing

Sales and profits, we all want to earn! Mailings are great in this regard. But you need to remember that in mass mailings, you need to know when to stop. You need to combine content. It is essential to help and advise your target audience, it trusts you, and you have a better chance of selling your product to it.

CRM and end-to-end analytics for a watch retail

Dmitry Proskurin, founder of the company “End-to-end analytics and CRM helped us return refusers and lost.”

In the process of working with a client from the “watches” segment, has created for an audience of men and women over 40 in the Bitrix24 CRM marketing system about 15 segments with the most accurate targeting: by transaction status, search queries, average bill, gender, age, and other parameters. The effect was monitored using the Roistat service.

Roistat’s end-to-end analytics allows you to track the entire life cycle of a customer from the moment they visit the site to repeat sales. Dashboards quickly assess the quality of marketing activities, without personal involvement in the processes.

With the help of Roistat, we identified conversion at each stage of the transaction, and where it was minimal (or the transaction was stuck), we reworked the processes in CRM. We changed the rules of the client communication manager and removed unnecessary actions. At the decision-making stage, we additionally stimulated the client by launching ads on social networks or in Yandex.

For example, in one of the segments, we collected customers who bought watches more than a year ago with an average check of 10,000 rubles. For them, we launched a newsletter to the messengers and social networks with information about the promotion of polishing watches. The sales conversion rate was about 7%.

To work with refuses, we built a funnel in Bitrix24 and launched advertising in Yandex on it. We prepared several promo pages, connected Roistat, and as a result, about 10% of refusers returned and made a purchase.

For the lost segment, we have set up notifications with the help of robots so that the manager knows when the client has returned to the site again. The manager called the client at the right time or sent a unique offer to the messenger based on his request. In 20% of cases, the client made a deal. By connecting sales in the chat, using the Bitrix24 “Sales Center,” we concluded dealings during online communication.