How Web Scraping Is Used To Extract the USDA Branded Food Products Online Database?

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Extracting the USDA Branded Food Products Online Database information such as description, nutrition page footer, manufacturer, etc.

A Partnership for Public Health: USDA Global Branded Food Products Database” intends to optimize human safety and open data sharing by supplementing the USDA National Nutrient Database — now known as USDA Food Data Central — with nutritional content and ingredient details on branded foods and private label data provided by the food industry. The publicly accessible dataset will comprise much more data on personal food products, allowing for a true evaluation of the scope and fluidity of the food supply chain, and will make sure that these datasets are accessible to those who will use them.

USDA, IAFNS, GS1 US, 1WorldSync, NielsenIQ Label Insight, and the University of Maryland are all part of the Public-Private Partnership.

The USDA Global Branded Food Products Database is a purely voluntary effort. However, once a supplier or retailer makes a decision to participate in the USDA Global Branded Food Products Database and submit data, they must provide the following data using web scraping services:

  • Product name and generic descriptor,
  • Serving size in grams or milliliters,
  • Nutrients on the Nutrition Facts Panel per serving size and 100 gram-basis, 100 ml-basis, or fluid oz-basis,
  • Ingredient list, (never before captured by USDA), and
  • Date stamp associated with most current product formulation.

The partners scrape USDA Branded Food Products Database to collect better timely data inputs from manufacturers and retailers and to design it to manage a larger volume of food product details due to their shared interest in cooperative technology transfer.

The Database now has 80,000 goods and is expected to increase rapidly in the next months. Its new features include the ability to link food consumption and nutrient content to dietary pattern suggestions in real time. Food manufacturers can also benefit from utilizing the most recent version to develop new product formulas and support industry-wide aims for information transparency.

The USDA Branded Food Products Database accepts data from manufacturers and merchants in two ways. Product data can be synchronised directly by brands that use the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Label Insight also offers a simple “drag and drop” gateway at for brands to upload their product data.

“The USDA Branded Products Database extraction gives the food industry yet another avenue to use GS1 Standards to increase product data sharing and transparency.” GS1 US Vice President of Retail Grocery and Foodservice Angela Fernandez remarked, “This industry partnership promotes common aspirations to deliver a more complete view of food throughout the supply chain.”

Manufacturers can easily start uploading the nutrients information easily.

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