Ideas for Returning Mobile E-Commerce Visitors: Improve Your Customer Retention Rate Now!

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Fresh ideas that will help you reduce lost customers, learn you new tricks for preventing customers and what to do when your customers turn OFF notifications.

Recently we shared ideas for How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment in E-Commerce, but in some situations, we lost our customers, and we’re having troubles to make their return on our webshop or mobile webshop mobile application.

In this post, we will share fresh ideas that will help you reduce lost customers, get you new tricks and methods for preventing customers and what to do when your customers turn OFF push notifications.

How to Have Better User Engagement?

If you have low user engagement, something isn’t working how it supposed to work. Your users can be easily lost, and what can be the worst part – they will go to another eCommerce shop and spend their money on your competitor. That’s why you need to search for user feedback – whenever you can do it.

Let’s start with ideas on how can you learn more about your users and their behavior:

1. Gather More Data about User Behavior

Use the power of Events – developers can create Event about your user – they will show you user behavioral pattern inside an app and will tell you how users find and buy items in your store. Also, Events can provide you with information about push notification – are they disabled or enables, is your user active or not and what is more interested in your designers – which part of the application user doesn’t use.

2. What Users Appreciate More Than Discount? – Communication with Them!

Your application has some new features, and you want to spread a word about it? Well, it’s enough to write “What’s new” in Google Play description right? – Not.

Most of your users do not read that kind of things, and again, you missed the opportunity to learn something new your users.

But here is an idea – after every update with new features, we can make the short intro like video or showcase. In that kind of content, we explain to users how to use new features and what new features mean to them. Something to have on mind – show your users how much money they can save while using your mobile e-commerce app. This is an excellent way to have satisfied and more loyal customers.

3. Use the Power of Analytics and Personalize Everything

Be first to have significant discounts – analyze what products people often buy and in what time so you can send the right push notification and provide your customers with a great way of saving money.

4. What to Do When the User Turned OFF Push Notification?

We can create a special section in Settings for push notification; the user can pick time interval in a day when is ok to receive push notifications in a unique window.

5. How to Tell How Much Money Users Can Save with Your Mobile E-Commerce App?

Create a special widget on the home screen for users with turned OFF notifications. In that widget, show how many offers and discount user missed and how much money he could save if he used those coupons or discounts. Use the power of this widget and right below it, ask users to turn ON notifications.

6. What Can We Learn from Pokemon Go Team?

PokemonGo resurrects users with users with excellent fun features like buddy program, style shop etc. We can copy this plan by creating a personal email with a pdf file with information about statistics and new features. It will show our users that we are working on implementing new things in our mobile app and we’re doing our best to provide them with the better user experience.

Do you have some more ideas on how to return more visitors in mobile e-commerce application? 

Please share them with us at [email protected], or if you need e-commerce mobile development we’re here to help!