If You Ever Wondered What Google Considers to Be a Quality Website Here is Your Chance to Find Out!


Optimizing a website for search is challenging, and many website owners follow use wrong strategies. Try doing what Google wants you to do instead!

10 Hidden Gems from Google’s Leaked Quality Rater Guidelines

In 2018 most business and website owners are fully aware of Google, and the importance of Google search rankings for their online success. What is not so clear to most is what Google actually considers to be a quality website. So there is a lot of guessing and A-B testing, and that can be very ineffective. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a better understanding of what Google and other search engines actually expect? Lucky for you we came across these leaked quality rater guidelines that will tell you just that!

If you are not sure what exactly Google wants you to do in order to build a high-quality website here are your answers in plain English, no SEO mumbo jumbo for you to decipher! These 10 hidden gems from Google’s leaked quality rater guidelines spell out exactly what you need to do to increase your search rankings. Not only that, but Google actually provides you with the reasons for doing so.

So instead of simply guessing what may or may not work you now have actual facts to go from. Even if you are doing OK in search and search rankings you may want to keep these handy. Because nothing beats advice straight from the horse’s mouth!

Google’s Leaked Quality Rater Guidelines

Infographic courtesy of Audience Bloom

Using Google’s Leaked Quality Rater Guidelines to Your Advantage!

Now that you are aware of these leaked quality rater guidelines from Google themselves you can start to use them to your own advantage. Sweet! Simply take a look at each one, and compare it to your own site. If you are already doing what Google requires you to do you are all set. But if you fall short on any of them you really need to pay attention!

The online world is extremely competitive, and you will want to use every last advantage. Therefore failing to follow Google guidelines is a really bad idea, and you must avoid that at all costs! These leaked quality rater guidelines allow you to get a head start on your competitors. So what are you waiting for?

SEO Tools

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Here at the highly caffeinated agency we use all of the above on a daily basis. We know and trust them, and so should you. If you have any questions or need some additional info please feel free to reach out to us!

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