Important Differences To Know Between IT Staff Augmentation & Project Outsourcing

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IT staff augmentation and project outsourcing are two different development models to meet enterprise-level requirements.

Are you thinking to hire additional technical resources for the project? Or is the thought of project outsourcing going on in your mind? You have to ask yourself the type of requirement and budget you have to better decide whether to go for IT staff augmentation or outsourcing.

And this is why we are here to clear this dilemma by making the useful difference between two different IT outsourcing services models. One which is based on contractually hiring the required technical professionals for a short period. The other model is fully outsourcing your software development project to a dedicated external team of your choice.

By comparing the two services, you will get to know which makes more sense to you in terms of focusing your mission-critical enterprise work.

What is Staff Augmentation & Its Benefits?

Staff augmentation is in a way an active collaboration between you as an enterprise, service provider, and temporary staff members. A kind of managed service, this model allows you access to a large pool of different grades of technical talent and hires according to the requirement.

With complete project control in your hands, decide whether to hire an IT staff augmentation member remotely or work in-house for a short period. Also, ensure flexible hiring with the sure shot possibility to scale up and down the augmented team size accordingly.

Moreover, staff augmentation services offer a wide scale of benefits that are as follows:

  • Access to a large pool of talent: Choose an expert meeting your software development requirements while filtering from an on-demand pool. A staff augmentation company offers your ready-to-hire technical resource with their profile created, previous work, and experience shared with you.
  • Project flexibility: Assign a particular choice of development, designing, testing, or any other technical work as per the requirement. You have complete flexibility to instantly hire a particular choice of talent to enrich your existing team or bring in new expertise.
  • Cost-effective hiring: Getting the required talent from the leading and top staff augmentation companies in India is always on the affordable side. With this hiring assistance, find no need to follow a cumbersome and lengthy recruitment process, and pay for training & development.
  • Leverage expert assistance: Augmenting a staff member is a preferred model for companies that require real-time expertise in the industry. Rather than permanently hiring a specialist for a short-term project, it is better to leverage the skills and professional expertise of a leading expert.

What is Project Outsourcing & Its Benefits?

Project outsourcing as the name itself implies, completely outsourcing your particular choice of project to an already established company. IT outsourcing agency helps you develop a particular technical solution depending on your requirement.

For example, if you like to develop a mobile app, eCommerce website, payroll processing solution, or any other service from an outsourcing service. In such a scenario, the external technical partner has complete ownership and control of the project to develop a solution for your company.

Most organizations outsource a project to lift up the additional burden of in-house work and are free from some set of responsibilities. It provides you significant freedom to focus on other imperative areas of the enterprise, while the IT outsourcing partner takes care of the solution development, management, and maintenance.

In addition to the above, there are some benefits of project outsourcing.

  1. Avail of skill diversity: Outsourcing your project to an IT company implies leveraging years of expertise and diverse developers’ knowledge. You can expect to develop your project in the hands of leading professionals without requiring you to devote extra time.
  2. Round-the-clock outsourcing: Most IT outsourcing companies offer 24/7 software development assistance to meet your diverse requirements. It implies you need not deal with any sort of interruptions or downtime.
  3. Leverage technology: You can best leverage the outsourcing company’s technology, tools, and software to develop your valuable solution. Outsourcing provides you the advantage of getting things developed at the expert’s end.

Which Is Better Staff Augmentation or Project Outsourcing?

Now, coming to the final outcome of deciding between project outsourcing and staff augmentation services. In reality, it depends on your project requirement whether you want to develop it in-house by using external staffing members or get it completely outsourced.

A long-term business plan, sufficient funds, and a particular project timeline are three key factors to decide between the two outsourcing models.

In case, you are a growing enterprise looking forward to saving cost and ensuring high-quality software development, then avail of IT staff augmentation. Concerning the same, get in touch with staff experts like OrangeMantra to meet your requirements.