Impressive Tech Toys for Kids to Get Your Hands on in 2020

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Tech gadgets are not just for adults. In a world running on digitization, there are educational tech gadgets for your kids to explore and learn from.

In a digitized world of ours, we cannot expect our children to play outside and show no interest in the latest gadgets that surround them every day. In fact, it has become a necessity to give them the required exposure for their growth, which has become easy with educational tech gadgets that come in all shapes and forms for varying ages.

What more is that the way they play with these toys enhances their cognitive abilities and develops their interests early-on that they may very well take with them into their careers.

So, what are those impressive tech toys for kids? Let’s dive into them.

6 Tech Gadgets to Buy Online for Kids

1. Jiusion Mini Camera and Endoscope

Suitable for: 10+-year-olds

If you see a streak of curiosity within your child to go in-depth of things, then this workable toy microscope that is much more than just a magnifying glass is the best gift for the young one. It is a magnifying camera on a pen that can capture real-time HD images and zooms, making the target area 1000 times bigger. This mix of an endoscopic camera and a microscope can be connected to a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer through a standard USB 2.0.

2. Artie 3000

Suitable for: 7 to 12-year-olds

It is the golden period of computer scientists and software engineers: developers, testers, and creators of innovative applications we see and use today. If you feel like giving your child a head start before he or she starts college, then Artie 3000 can help you with that.

Artie 3000 is a respectable member of the coding community that teaches coding to the kids creatively, sparking curiosity and interest within the computer science domain. The children can learn through simple Drag and Drop or take advanced courses, expanding their knowledge with Python and JavaScript.

Get your little developers started with this STEM toy today!

3. Playz V8 Model Engine

Suitable for: 10 to 17-year-olds

Got a young mechanic at your house? Then this toy will help you keep your child safe, and his curiosity fulfilled. We are talking about a realistic V8 Combustion Engine. Such toys are better than having your child endangering themselves with a real engine and not to mention the potential damage your car might incur.

So what does this toy have to offer? This engine comes disassembled entirely. It even comes with cooling fans, pistons, lights, and sounds to give a realistic effect. The children get the opportunity to assemble 270 pieces and, in the process, elevate their curiosity and quench their passion for mechanics or even Physics.

4. Mekamon V2

Suitable for: 10+-year-olds

Are you scared of having your young children be addicted to video games? Although video games have proven to sharpen the mind, depending on the games. However, there is another way to hone their coordination skills while making the experience fun and enjoyable – meet Mekamon V2.

Mekamon V2 is an augmented reality bot that has much to offer. It is a highly responsive bot that can move around, race, fight, and even compete. Do not be deceived by the first impression of a regular plastic spider looking robot. Mekamon can climb objects and move around with a nice gait. It also can interact with humans around it, along with three more Mekamons.

You can even give animations to Mekamon V2 with the emotion Studio. Moreover, with multi-colored head LEDs, Mekamon V2 expresses itself, allowing you to understand it better.

Rest assured, your child will be learning how to manage and operate technology and develop hand-to-eye coordination skills early on.

5. Sphero SPRK

Suitable for: 8+-year-olds

Sphero SPRK is a smart toy that is an app-enabled robot ball allowing children to develop the basics of coding skills, nurturing a robotics engineer in them. This ball is equipped with various sensors that react to the many programming commands given to it on its built-in smartphone app.

The installation is simple. All you need to do is pair your robot with the Sphero Edu app, and the kids can learn JavaScript, Scratch, and even Swift. You can use the Sphero Play app to play games with your coding bot as well. What more is that the bot is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and instantly charges through Bluetooth SMART.

Grab yours and allow your 8 years and older child to develop analytical programming skills that might just make a great engineer out of them in the future.

6. Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Suitable for: 8+-year-olds

Combine your child’s love for the Avengers and superheroes in general with their potential to develop and learn coding and mechanics; you get this cool tech gadget, the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit.

This glove that reminds us of Thanos Infinity Gauntlet requires to be placed together that teaches your child about mechanics in the process. Once the building part is done and figured out, they can then use the smartphone apps to program the gauntlet in several ways for it to give a variety of responses.

It starts with easy block-based coding that can be taken to the next level with programming reasoning that includes loop and logic (if-else). In addition to all this, you get a 30-day warranty as part of the deal.

7. Osmo Genius Kit for iPad

Suitable for: 6-10+-year-olds

Instead of having your children glued to YouTube videos on your iPad, get this kit instead and have them engrossed in something challenging and educational. With this Osmo Genius Kit, your kids are challenged to make shapes, trace pictures, get their heads wrapped into physics-centric games, and even spell words.

There is more to Osmo’s offerings than just the Genius Kit. You can get your hands on Osmo’s Coding Jam and Osmo iPhone Base as well.

In Conclusion

Technology has transcended to just doing the bare minimum to everything and anything. Now, with tech toys for kids available in a variety of shapes and forms, the young generation can develop a plethora of skills and abilities early on in a creative and playful environment. Considering we are living in times that demand our children keep up with the modern time and technology, these toys/gadgets play the part of ‘healthy exposure’ quite nicely. So, buy gadgets online for your children without worrying about over-indulgence.