InSwip: The Rise of an Influencer Marketing Platform

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InSwip is an Influencer Marketing Analytics Tool to connect Brands with the right influencers to promote products and push sales volumes on Social Media.

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Since its launch in June 2020, InSwip has already made a turnover of €210,000 in five months.

InSwip is an Influencer Marketing Analytics Tool helping Brands and e-Shops to connect with the right Brand Ambassadors to promote products and push sales volumes on Social Media. In addition, customers can get access to liable data on ecommerce sellers hiring influencers for brand recognition.

The platform’s tracking system and metrics give all the tools to differentiate the way users do business from the rest. With a set of unique selling points that turn potential prospects into regular customers and regular customers into brand advocates.

There are currently 361 active customers on the platform including a number of larger marketing agencies like,, and the Sales mentoring provider Ecomrevolution training over 140 ecommerce sellers.

Moreover, the team InSwip is working with 2713 users to test the solution for upcoming Social Media campaigns. Among them is the leading dropshipping provider in Europe, BigBuy.

Marcel Atembone, founder and CEO said:

“As the practice matures, brands of all sizes are viewing influencer marketing as an increasingly valuable component of their overall marketing strategy.

“When I started to sell goods online three years ago, I was using pay-per-click advertising, but it requires a lot of time to invest and skills. PPC costs can quickly add up. Then clicks and visits don’t always lead to sales.”

“So, I decided to switch for Influencer Marketing who is more focussed and accurate. When you are paying influencers to create content that markets your brand, you can have as much or as little involvement as you like.”

“Influencers have created an audience based on their own niche. By partnering with an influencer whose audience is in the same niche, you have a ready-made target audience at your fingertips meaning any leads generated from your campaign will be relevant. On top of that, it is cost-effective and saves time. With an average cost of €10 per 1000 followers, it can reap a huge ROI. Then creating an ad campaign takes time. Influencers take all of this off your hands by crafting the images, creating the copy and scheduling the content across your channels with minimum help.”

“It pushed my sales volumes from 25 to 40% in less than six months at that time. Brands are set to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Now, we have already started to see the benefits of the influencer economy with roughly €28,000 revenue per month. It’s an extremely profitable market.”

“The pandemic slew down our progression but in 2021, the goal is to get 10,000 customers by the end of the year. Plus, we will add new features to enhance the user experience and implement an in-app instant messaging to reach out to Influencers easily.”

InSwip aroused’s curiosity, one the fastest-growing ecommerce platform and just signed a partnership with Dropified, a U.S dropshipping service providing 130,000 eShops in North America.