Internet of Things: The Next Big Thing To Digitize the World

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IoT will reshape the present structure of data management as businesses, here we show you how the Internet of Things is digitizing the world.

We are witnessing the digital transformation of different industry verticals as they tend to leverage digital technology in order to reap its benefits, especially through the Internet of Things or IoT.

Businesses are now utilizing IoT to build their brands, improve their overall ROI, connect with their existing as well as potential customers and much more. In order to serve the demands of these businesses, mobile application development services have to get into the business of IoT.

The first Information Technology revolution jettisoned with the appearance of the Internet in the market and got fuelled further by e-commerce. Later on, digital technology leapfrogged with the introduction of smartphones along with user-centric applications.

Then, with the introduction of finest technologies like IoT and AI, it progressed even further as connected devices discovered their deeper involvement. Later, consumer solutions finally evolved to be the crucial catalyst for Information Technology consumerization.

IoT app development emerged as a booming sector in the mobile app development market as the demand for IoT apps from various businesses across different verticals increased tremendously

Also, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, also known as SMAC, offers a perfect platform for the IoT to provide businesses with the ability to transform into best in class digital standardization easily. IoT benefits the business in faster as well as efficient production along with improvement in quality as well as replacement of the different paper-based workflows and much more.

Different sectors like health, automotive, manufacturing, etc. adopted IoT with ease. For instance, the health industry saw a surge of various apps developed for wearables, that monitor vital health signs of the person.

But the future holds much more than what meets the eye when we consider the impact of IoT will have on business in the upcoming time.

Before we start to address this aspect in detail, there are notable technical, regulatory and organization hurdles that have to be overcome.

Companies which are currently using IoT technology will certainly play a key role in the development of correct systems as well as processes to maximize its inherent value.

  1. The companies have to understand that interoperability between various IoT systems is crucial. The entire potential economic value enabled by IoT is dependent on this.
  2. At present, most of the IoT data isn’t used at all. Only a minute fraction of the data collected from the IoT devices in industries like oil and gas are actually examined. The reason behind this is that the information is generally used to detect and control emerging anomalies, not for the purpose of optimization and prediction, which offers the greatest value.
  3. B2B apps capture more value than the consumers utilize even though consumer apps like self-driving cars, fitness apps, etc. actually get more attention and create much more significant value. For instance, wearables like the Apple watch garner more attention from the and has a very high value. Wearable app development for iOS has increased in the past years. However, more B2B apps need to be created, which will further propel this domain.
  4. The technical lagging of developing countries, especially penetration of the Internet among the people, has somehow hampered the growth of IoT in these countries. IoT has huge potential in these economies. The overall value impact of IoT in advanced economies is higher due to the higher value per use.
  5. IoT users, which include consumers, businesses and other organizations, can easily capture almost the entire value that IoT applications generate, which is still to be materialized.

Now let’s look at how IoT will transform the business, change the future and digitize the world

1. Providing Connectivity via IoT to Offer Data-Driven Insights

Smart access will always remain to be the foundation of a successful digital environment of any given industry. The ability to track different metrics of performance as well as operation is easily possible through data analytics.

The various insights are duly gathered via pattern recognition of unstructured as well as structured data. These various data-based insights are then incorporated within different business functions which actually tracks and monitors previous activities in order to develop forecasts.

Now, IoT will help businesses to easily get hold of these data-driven insights in order to understand the customer buying decision making and even get real-time product and service reviews through their IoT apps. IoT app development of such business-specific will assist them in personalizing their data in order to target the right section of customers.

Also, structured data (personal information) and unstructured data (social media metrics) of customers can be used by businesses in crucial decision making.

2. Engaging Smart IoT Based Devices

Ever since the introduction of IoT, the digital era has witnessed the emergence of built-in sensors for the purpose of automation. IoT offers a lot more than ever imagined, in the upcoming future. We will be witnessing the introduction of more Smart IoT enabled appliances in our day-to-day lives along with smart network machinery in our industries. Different industry verticals can easily optimize their entire operations without any assistance of the workforce.

It will certainly save much more time and cost in the future with the more robust IoT enabled structure. The workforce can easily automate all of their tough tasks by simply being able to connect to different sensors and devices and operate much more freely in real-time.

Mobile application development services have a tremendous opportunity to gain new customers in various industries as a result of this. They can provide immaculate IoT apps which can boost the performance as well as productivity of these industries by means of improving customer as well as consumer engagement.

3. Increased and Improved Workflow Optimization Enabled Through Smart Network

In the future, we will certainly see massive adoption of IoT for different applications across various industry verticals which will further enhance their overall sustainability. This will certainly make it possible to make better use of available crucial data sets.

When this large volume of collected data is analyzed, it makes it much easier for the industries to convert them into meaningful and useful insights. These derived insights are then often used for making crucial business decisions.

IoT apps will make it easier for businesses to gather as well as analyze the data. Quickly gathered and analysed data is necessary for better and increased optimization. For example, whenever one wants to change his regular running workout, fitness wearables will help in sending this particular data to a given analytic framework on the fitness app which will quickly analyze and offer a new and better regime. One can see how wearable app development boost the fitness industry.

4. Improving Customer Experience

IoT will revolutionize the customer experience in the future. The latest trends of IoT will be implemented to provide improved user experience or UX. Many businesses have already understood the fact that the digital transformation of their business through IoT will certainly provide them added advantage over their competitors. To improve as well as enhance the overall customer experience, IoT will be used for the following:

  • Digitization and easy availability of customer requirements.
  • Promptly providing critical and crucial insights about customer decisions.
  • Obtaining accurate insights about customers in order to build trust with them.
  • Boosting customer engagement.

Digitization of businesses through IoT will certainly increase customer trust, loyalty and improve engagement.


In upcoming times, and with rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses will have to adapt to the new market realities. They have to put special emphasis, as always, on the needs and requirements of the customers.

IoT provides the window to the businesses to gain better traction of their customer base. IoT apps will boost the engagement of the customers with the devices as more IoT devices are now entering their daily lives. Hence, IoT app development is going to be a hot trend for many years to come.

Mobile application development services should also invest heavily in industrial IoT application development as more and more industries are now introducing IoT devices in order to keep track of their processes and operations better.

IoT will reshape the present structure of data management as businesses will be able to gather much more data, which will lead to better decision making through insights gained from data analysis of this data. IoT will digitize the world as we know it. Every business from any industry vertical has to get on the bandwagon or get left behind.