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Interview with Ashish Malik – The Founder of Softhunters

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Ashish Malik is the Founder of Softhunters. He takes care of the core management, technology strategy and personally leads the team at Softhunters.

Few Lines About the Founder of Softhunters

Ashish Malik is the Founder of Softhunters. He takes care of the core management, technology strategy and personally leads the team at Softhunters.

1. Give Us a Brief Introduction to Your Company

Softhunters is a Web development company that design & develop websites and mobile applications. Softhunters design beautiful, professional and SEO Friendly Websites. Softhunters helps their clients to build an audience online. Softhunters can find your hyper-responsive customer segments through market research and design a big idea marketing campaign with proper differentiation. Softhunters has 150+ members in their Team and we are still growing.

2. What Are the Services Softhunters Offers?

Our service offerings include:

  • Website Development
  • Website Designing
  • Android Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Digital Marketing – SEO, SMO, PPC 

3. in This Competitive Era, What Technologies and Services Can Help You to Compete with Other Organization?

As a Web Development company, we help our clients to map their business from concept to market. Softhunters team is expertise in creating a digital marketing strategy, lead generation, AdWords PPC advertising, Website planning, and conceptualization, Facebook marketing, eCommerce website marketing Designing Landing pages & Websites.

4. How Do You Provide Customer Support to Your Client?

We are accessible and available to our clients for 24×7 through all virtual communication means. Our Clients and customers can contact us through:

  • Skype
  • Teleconferencing
  • Email

5. How Far This App Revolution Can Make a Difference in the Technology World? Please Give Your Opinions on This

We are rapidly progressing towards a future where mobile-first will be the default strategy of businesses. Even users prefer to work done using a mobile device than a personal computer or a laptop. Ease of access, convenience, cloud connectivity, security all will make mobile applications the centerpiece attraction of the technology world.

6. What Latest Technologies and Tools You’re Planning to Execute for Mobile App Development?

At Softhunters, we are passionate about experimenting with emerging and mainstream technologies that can be problem-solvers as well as a tool for delivering engaging customer experience. To achieve that we use core mobility technologies. We develop mobile apps for all range of mobile operating systems including Android and iOS.

7. What’s Your Approach to Creating Interactive and Addictive UX/UI of Mobile Apps and Websites?

Our focus is to develop habit-forming apps. We do in-depth research and analysis of user behaviors, draw empathy maps that indicate pain areas in mobile app usage and draw conclusions from them to design mobile app interfaces that users can use habitually without any effort. Further, whenever required, we also incorporate gamification into the mobile app usage so that users derive a sense of satisfaction and engagement from continuous usage.

8. Mention the Ways You Use to Introduce New Updates to Your Team

We have regular team gatherings during which discussions about ongoing projects, their statuses, and future plans are discussed every day.

9. Mention the Name of Some of Your Successful Projects

We are proud to have been the choice of IT vendor for several eCommerce brands like WOWSTM, ProDeals, OWO Group, Pride Trends, Vegi Kart, Shriram Designs. Food Restaurants like Hotel Ratnawali, Zarpar, HotRes. On-Demand Solutions like HotRes, Pregistry, ISOVI, HIAD, Defined Group. We have also helped several entrepreneurial pursuits become successful business models and brands with the help of technology like Carserv, Vacations24, Top10things.